IGN: Downloading Victory: Cheating Through DLC

This week, EA had two major releases -- Skate 2 and the first Skate 2 DLC. Sounds great, until you realize that the Time is Money DLC isn't actually additional content. Instead, Time is Money (priced at 400 MSP or $5) unlocks everything in the sequel. The idea is that if you suck at Skate 2 or if you're just too damned lazy to play through the game, you can put out a little extra cash to buy yourself a false sense of accomplishment. If you're looking for the great sin of videogames, this may be it.

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dgroundwater3559d ago

Only EA. I thought this garbage would have stopped with in-game money buying in The Godfather.

iMarcus3559d ago

LOL buying in game money as DLC in godfather? oh dear. That is quite low.