Gaming Heaven : Skate 2 Review

John Erikson writes "The first thing you will notice when playing the game is that you can now get off the board and explore the environment on foot which is really useful for times when you want to stay still to survey the surroundings or for when you need to climb up stairs. You can also interact with the environment, so when you are walking you can move objects around as you see fit. This is a very welcome addition to the game as it makes you feel like you are in control of a real life skater. Unfortunately the movement of the skater when he is off the board is less than perfect and he quite often just does not do what you have asked. There were many occasions when I asked him to lift an object and just could not position him in the right place to get it done. Obviously part of this issue is due to the fact that the core code was set up for board movement, however it is really bad that this was not given a little more attention before it went to retail."

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