Should PS3 and PC fans be jealous of GTA IV DLC?

Gameplyer writes:

Well Grand Theft Autoers, the initial verdict is out. The 360 only DLC for GTA IV ('Lost and the Damned') is looking capital 'A' awesome. Great news for some of us, but where does that leave our beloved Sony brethren...

This is what DLC is supposed to be! Rockstar, who over the last decade have consistently stood at the tip of the gaming spear as it thrusts ever forward into bolder and broader areas, has yet again delivered a landmark moment in the evolution of our gaming culture...

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ToastyMcNibbles3559d ago

i dont see why...especially with Killzone 2 around the corner

Mr_Zkaar3559d ago

Holy Sh*t why? GTA IV was a real disappointment to be honest. I'll be too busy playing Killzone 2, why would i miss some crapy DLC?

omg, lol.

BulletToothtony3559d ago

and then sold within a week.. I by NO means care at all about DLC..

Older GTA had something fun... you felt good about being bad.. in this one for some reason you kinda wanted to do the right thing.. which took the fun out of the game..

Why dis3559d ago

Sure thats the answer to everything lol.

Are you kidding me?

Faggol3559d ago

the DLC seems pretty engaging

Stop being bias and look at it for what it is, it offers A LOT.

The argument should be whether the $20 is justified

shovelbum3559d ago

Not much of a fan as you can see by my GTAIV gamerscore but if you play the hell out of it like many folks do then yeah you should be pissed. I'd be much more upset about Fallout 3 if I only owned a PS3.

Blademask3559d ago

Good for people that loved it though! (Not sure who you are, but good news for ya!)

TheTwelve3559d ago

Why, when we have Killzone now, and that DLC later? You know Rockstar won't keep that exclusive for long.


xwabbit3559d ago

Which is the most annoying vehicle in GTA ? ..... the bike.... the new DLC is about a gang of bikers trying to get their bikes back.... what vehicle do you think you'll be using in most if not all of those missions .....

TheBlackSmoke3559d ago

..No.. Personally i completed 3/4 of the main campaign before i was bored to death of the game. Now im not going to say that the DLC will suck, but theres just too much new exciting stuff coming out in feb for me to even blink an eye at DLC for a game that came out early last year. Hell in february alone im buying SFIV collectors edition plus the tournament stick oh and of course KILLZONE2(my wallet cries).

So yeah if your a 360 only owner and you like gtaiv then get it. But TRUST me,theres no point using it as a weapon to gloat to PS3 owners. because seriously we are VERRRY happy with what he have.

BrianC62343559d ago

"the DLC seems pretty engaging
Stop being bias and look at it for what it is, it offers A LOT.
The argument should be whether the $20 is justified "

I don't think it's being biased. I got bored of GTA IV. I didn't play much of it. I doubt the DLC adds much to the game besides some new things to do but the overall gameplay will be the same. I just want Killzone 2. I think they should ask if 360 and PC gamers are green with envy over Killzone 2. That makes as much sense.

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jadenkorri3559d ago

the dlc is now disc based, if you check your local GS/EB, does this mean you do not need the original?

ThanatosDMC3559d ago

I bought GTA4 but i havent played it for ages. I stopped when the apartment burnt down then did some mission for some guy to kill somebody... oh wait, that's describing all the missions!

San Andreas, FTW!

But seriously, i stopped playing after the apartment burned down.

blackpanther253559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

The only one who finds a biker gang in a fake new york retarded. I always complained about when i saw them. I rather they had made a story about the gang relocating to some southern town.

Gantrfaxx3559d ago

Do the Ps3 owners care about GTA4 at all? Knowing what games are coming to Ps3 this year, and what game is coming next month.

UltraNova3559d ago

I dont give a rats ass to tell you the truth..with KZ2 and the other behemoths coming out this year GTA is old old news for me..

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Snow3559d ago

I speak for myself when i say..HELL NO!
Even if it came to PSN i wouldn't buy it.

I'd say GTFO & Give me fat princess

ToastyMcNibbles3559d ago

word! im with you on fat princess...i'd buy that over gta content anyday

lokiroo4203559d ago

Hmm, wipeout hd, strees fighter hd, warhawk, burnout, or dlc, uhh no, game was sold back for a reason.

BkaY3559d ago

i didnt even finish the game...... so freaking boring....

mrdxpr23559d ago

for real why would i get a dlc that costs $20 that brings missions and what some veichles ok wopy.. i really wouldnt get it if it came to ps3 i prefer to buy burnout for $10 more and have a good time playing it then gta4 dlc

SSCOOLCHEA3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

20 bucks for fat princess is a better buy

@ down there your so right i bought the p.o.s. and didn't even finish it...I think rock* should give me my money back with the 50 million they got .

lokiroo4203559d ago

sscoolchea deserves more bubbles.

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rucky3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

A little jealous at first but then I look at the games coming from that same time period it goes away. A lot of people think that this game is bad but I enjoyed it. It still felt like a glorified GTA3 though.

So with that said i'm not losing any sleep about it.

Faggol3559d ago

thx rucky fopr ur honesty. it seems this console war has strip the gamer of his most essential tool.

GTA IV was fun, a teeny bit underwhelming but a masterpeice for what it is and i welcome the DLC, in fact my bro just bought a 360 yesterday and ima pick this up when it drops

cayal3559d ago

"GTA IV was fun, a teeny bit underwhelming but a masterpeice for what it is"

That may be your opinion. Many others do not share it.

TheBlackSmoke3559d ago

"GTA IV was fun, a teeny bit underwhelming but a masterpeice for what it is"

Masterpiece?. Ok i think that as a technical achievement (as in the city design itself, weather, lighting etc)it was well implemented. But mundane gameplay and lack of variety just let it down so much (its a game after all).

This is what i would like to refer to as the Assassin's creed syndrome.
This game deserved an 8 at best and even then that's generous, IMHO saintsrow2 >> gtaiv.

Helghast Slayer3559d ago

GTA4 was a complete failure in terms of fun factor and longevity. Trade the turd in and purchased Dead Space. It was actually better than GTA4 which is quite sad.

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OGharryjoysticks3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

"This is what DLC is supposed to be!"

My bet is 30+ media outlets say essentially the exact same thing in the next 7 days :)

But at the end of the day it doesn't change the facts that I never even finished the game itself and don't even own it anymore.

But thou shalt be jealous! GTA IV DLC is GOD and the entire gaming news world bows down :)

MGOelite3559d ago

i havent seen 1 of my 80 odd friends on PSN on Gta4 in the last 5 months, thats how much we care

Kleptic3559d ago

I only have 38 active friends on my list (deleted everyone that I either never played games with, or hadn't been online in months)...

only a single person has any trophies for update that came for the game in August iirc...

I haven't played the game a single time since MGS4 released...not yeah...I agree...that is how much we care...

Its almost humerous what $50 million can do depending on how you spend can make Killzone 2...or an expansion pack for GTAIV...i'll gladly take killzone 2...thanks...

GiantEnemyLobster3559d ago

The psTARDS are jealous !!! Makes my day :)


you are so right. Not even one person on my friends list is playing that crap.

Graphics Whore3559d ago

Dude, picking the lint out of your belly button would probably make your day.

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