F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - PS3 vs Xbox 360 Gallery comparison

Eurogamer has release a gallery comparison between the Xbox360 and PS3 version of the game F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

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Beg For Mercy3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

they both look like crap compared to a certain fps coming out in February also, but 360 looks better in most of the screen shots but not by very much

Blademask3556d ago

1. Killzone2.
2. Uncharted
3. Gran Turismo Prologue
4. Metal Gear Solid 4
5. Little Big Planet
6. Motorstorm 2

They were useful for dual console owners to see that the PS3 version ran at 1fps though, back in 2007. But now they all run relatively the same, a simple 'oh look, Kz2 owns all' will do. for future Xbox360 vs PS3 videos.

Beg For Mercy3556d ago

yeah exactly, i dont even care about multiplatform game comparisons anymore cause i know what the ps3 can do over the 360, devs just know how to program a pc aka 360, and most of the time they dont even use the spus only the ppu and the rsx which is not very smart oh well back to watching killzone 2 videos and drooling over my keyboard, looking at killzone is almost more satisfying than looking at my wife, yummmmmmyyyyyyy

deno3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

looks cool!

RememberThe3573556d ago

At least thats what it looks like. The 360 version looks darker and some of the texture look better then the PS3 version. Other then that, it looks basically the same.

DK_Kithuni_713556d ago

.. have better support for the PS3. Screw 'em. They ain't getting my money.

F.E.A.R. 2 (the demo) kinda reminds me of Quake II on the PC.

Chris3993556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Textures look about identical - kidding yourself if you think otherwise. It's really just basic ATI vs. Nvidia rendering at this point. One is darker one is lighter. Honestly it's comparing apples to apples.

I like Grannysmith. Other's enjoy Macintosh.

Life goes on.


Rock Bottom3556d ago

I wonder who would buy this game for the ps3 with Killzone 2 around the corner.

Jamegohanssj53556d ago

Anyone remember the Europgamer Killzone 2 comparisons? LMAO! Epic business. I told you all this game was garbage.


LONEWOLF2313556d ago

The 360 version has better Lighting and textures.
Over all they both look good.

Homicide3556d ago

Who cares. Killzone 2 pwns all.

Doppy3556d ago

They look the same. The only difference is that the 360 version has a more contrasted look. The colors on the 360 version are darker (which looks great), while the PS3 version is more natural (which also looks great).

Martini3556d ago

Besides the contrast (which is irrelevant) the big differences are no AA on the PS 3 compared to 360 and the 360 is much sharper possibly even running at higher resolution - you can clearly see that on the small text and logos - they are clearly visible and sharp on the 360 where it's just a blurry mess on the PS 3.

phosphor1123555d ago

I'm pretty bummed the two look a lot different, atleast companies like IW and Capcom make the games look exactly the same. Hopefully they will fix the PS3 version a little before release. To be honest, I dont find it acceptable to give any console the short end of the stick and it should be their duty to get the two versions as close as they can possible.

Example, 1 person may buy the game for 360, for 60 bucks, for an awesome game, but another may buy the same game for PS3 with game breaking FPS drops *cough* valve *cough*.

Oh and I know valve didnt make orange box for ps3..thats why its THEIR fault. If they are making a multiplat game, they need to show support for all platforms, not be douches about it.

SL1M DADDY3555d ago

This one seems to show the lighting in the PS3 version a little better.

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PirateThom3556d ago

When I played the PS3 demo earlier, my only thought was "grain".

Why is it grainy?

I've already said my piece about the controls though.

no-spin3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

killzone 2 will keep you busy, not this half port game.
remember the PS 3 port for the first?????

what a poor job from the developers!
good thing now they can not blame the PS 3 "lack of capabilities"
what a joke.

Kleptic3555d ago

I loved the first FEAR's single player...MP sucked...and yeah...the PS3 port was garbage...

but videos of FEAR 1 compared to FEAR 2...some major areas in FEAR 1 look better to me...I know its the same engine anyway...and obviously the new volumetric blood is far more impressive...but the lighting seems very similar, and very dated...and the character models are complete trash...

whatever...definitely rent there are great and creepy single player moments I would imagine...but I almost feel bad for all these first person shooter devs having GG standing firmly on their purses...

Blaze9293556d ago

I guess the way to go for this game is to buy it on the 360.

komp3556d ago

Do people actually buy 360 games these days? There was me thinking that the 360 sells well because of piracy, sheesh.

s8anicslayer3556d ago

save ur loot for killzone 2, well that is if u have a ps3,if not buy a ps3 cause kz2 is the shiatz

Blaze9293556d ago

and definitely will be picking up Killzone 2 but im sick of the hype around it. Game just looks good, 90% of these people havent even touched the game yet they some how know its godly. I mean can we just wait and wtf...why does Killzone 2 pop up for every FPS.

no-spin3556d ago

because its something that 4 years ago was determined by the media as IMPOSSIBLE
Now we are witnesses of LeBron James and the mighty PS3

Kleptic3555d ago

are you really asking 'why does killzone 2 pop up with every fps?'...

think about that for a second...I don't know...this is a discussion about a graphics comparison on a shooter coming out next its already related to graphics...and killzone 2 kind of looks like a PS4 game compared to this...

killzone 2 is the peace maker of this genre...where normally threads like this would involve non stop 'teh 360 wins AGAIIINNNNN haha;ljds' killzone 2 just quiets anyone getting a little over zealous about graphical fidelity of some multiplatform game...

MasterBlaster3555d ago

I agree 100%. Killzone 2 will be cool. Ok, but does that mean that people should all of the sudden not care about any of the other games coming out. I'm tired of seeing "who cares cuz KILLZONE 2 OMG!!!!!!"

Astromage3555d ago

Sorry guys, but I couldn't give a flying F*ck about a games graphics. YES, great graphics are an added bonus, but when your deciding on what games to play, it's all about the gameplay!

While everyones moaning about FEAR 2's visuals, and while everyones wanking over Killzone 2's visuals - I'll be playing the god damn game.

Jager3555d ago

@ person above.

Lmao, another jumps on the "Graphics dont matter" bandwagon. ever realized that that has been growing ever so greatly ever since KZ2 started being shown? lmao.

And just for you buddy, those playing KZ2, will be getting the Gameplay and the Graphics.

Astromage3555d ago

What do you mean, 'Graphics don't matter'? I said I PERSONALLY don't care about games visuals, but they matter! Just not as much as gameplay.

I will be playing Killzone 2, so according to you i'll be 'getting the gameplay and the graphics'. I'm just saying that gameplay is WAY more important.

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Eddie201013556d ago

Playe this on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, I couldn't see any real differences

ASTAROTH3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


LeonSKennedy4Life3556d ago

I thought it would be a Rickroll.

RememberThe3573556d ago

And that site is clueless. they have the publisher and the release dates wrong...

TruthBTold3556d ago

with KZ2. How can a video game website confused these two games?

Corepred43556d ago

that pictures with the Helghast snipers semi-disappearing is bad ass!!! I wish they had it bigger for a background!

Kleptic3555d ago

2nd page...2nd picture down...look at that sky...and remember, that entire thing moves with procedural wind...

ASTAROTH3555d ago

You guys are incredible!!!! You dont have sense of humor!! i didnt said anything bad yet some fanboys disagree with me!! LOL!

To the rest who posted...This is the game who is now unrivaled graphycally speaking. I played FEAR 2 demo and its not a bad game. Its scared the hell aout of me and its only a demo, but frankly I dont know why some sites are praising this game's graphics. They are really crap and grainy. The AI is incredible but the graphics are no match for some of the best FPS this gen...imagine this graphics in comparison to CAPCOMS MULTIPLATFORM KILLZONE 2!!

SORRY GUYS I COULDN RESIST!!! LOL!! Disagree all you want fans I will kill you all in the KILLZONE 2 multiplayer game!!!! LONG LIVE TO THE HELGAST!!!!

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