I4u.digitaltrends: Sony Blu-ray BDV-IS1000 Review

I4u.digitaltrends: With its quality Blu-ray player, useful perks and gorgeous design, the BDV-IS1000 is the sort of home theater you just want to love-and we probably would have, had the wireless surround speakers worked. It's a pity Sony didn't anticipate the problem and provide users the option of connecting via wires to the main amp. It would have been a prudent move, especially given that wireless surround systems have a reputation for dropping signals and falling prey to interference from other radio emitting devices. As is, buyers should beware that they stand a good chance of running into problems.


* Beautiful industrial design and a small footprint
* Clear, powerful subwoofer
* Supports high-definition audio formats and BD Profile 2.0
* 2 HDMI inputs


* Wireless rear speakers didn't work on either of our test units
* Adaptor required for certain types of external components

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