4TheGeekNU Goes Hands-On With The Lord of The Rings Conquest Demo

4TheGeekNU writes: "If you're looking for a decent hack-n-slash you and a buddy can run-through in a weekend, this is the perfect game for you. Lord of The Rings Conquest offers players the ability to fight on either side of the battle field, however the demo only allowed us to fight on the side of good, against the minions of saruman. Video after the break.

LOTR Conquest is a decent game by any standard but, it simply reminded me of Dynasty Warriors with a Lord of the Rings overlay. You simply hack and slash your way through 100s of baddies to capture and control points on the map. Once a control point has been captured you may switch your class to the Warrior, Archer, Scout, Mage classes and move on to the next point."

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