Questions Over Oblivion PS3 Online Plans

The PlayStation 3 version of Oblivion is due for release next month, but the company has no finalized plans for online components. Spokesperson Pete Hines told trade weekly MCV, "We plan to support downloadable content on PS3, but we couldn't tell you how or when it will be out, because it's not clear how we're going to do that yet."

He added, "You cold point to any number of factors for why that is. Although it's impossible to say which is the better between [Xbox Live and PS3 Online], Xbox Live is easier to implement because we've had a much better sense of it at an earlier stage than with PS3."

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SuperSaiyan44307d ago

How can he not know which is better Xbox Live or PS3 online? Thats the most stupidist thing I have ever read.

I have spoken to many PS3 owners who have gone online with it and its an annoying setup of having to go through different parts, if you get a message its coming out of your game and going to the interface - downloading content in game is the issue here which Xbox does not suffer from and thats since Xbox 1.

BIadestarX4307d ago

Here is one very important point. Oblivion for the 360 sold great and they already have a big fanfase for that platform that will continue to buy content over xbox live. Now what they are trying to do is do the same on the PS3. They would never say anything that would piss PS3 fans up. In a close room this guy would tell PS3 fans that the PS3 version is the best and on the other that the XBox 360 is the best. Depending on which platform they are working on his reponse would be base on.

power0919994307d ago

"downloading content in game is the issue here which Xbox does not suffer from and thats since Xbox 1"

I believe that this issue is being fixed in the next firmware update for the PS3. (correct me if I am wrong)

I would bet that Sony would try to get this update out before a big name like this comes out.

SuperSaiyan44307d ago

Yes I agree entirely, Pete Hines is just playing favouritsm because he wants to ensure PS3 gamers who are into RPGs buy their game but hyping it up that the PS3 version is superb which it does look better since it is a year old.

Anyways I have played and completed Oblivion and done many if not all side quests and just await the expansion now.

Its a great game I hope PS3 gamers enjoy it as well.

Shrek4289d ago

I am looking forward to this title. I imagine I will logging in a lot of hours trying to complete things in the game.