Mass Effect PS3 rumours are "inaccurate," says EA

VG247: EA has told videogaming247 that any rumours regarding a PS3 port of its hit BioWare space RPG, Mass Effect, are… wrong.

It was expected that the franchise would go multiplatform after EA acquired BioWare from MGS for $860m back in Oct 2007 and rumours of a PlayStation 3 port have persisted ever since.

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Why dis3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Two game rumors shot down in one day WOW.


chaosatom3559d ago

He even denies that Mass Effect 2 exists.

Bnet3433559d ago

Left 4 Dead was by EA and that didn't show up on PS3. Mass Effect could be the same way. Either way, I would get it for 360 instead of PS3.

Whoooop3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Valve developed and published L4D... EA distributed, so they don't have much saying on where the game ends.

On the other hand.... Bioware was bought by EA, so EA has all the saying in Mass Effect's fate.

Just saying... ;)

Chubear3558d ago

I'm sorry but what exclusives have MS managed to retain? Can you list them for me? Cause by the end of this year, I'm positive any and all you mention will be on the PS3 in some form or the other.

What? Dead Raising? Mass Effect? What else? yeah ok.

ravinash3558d ago

“The rumour regarding Mass Effect being developed for PS3 is inaccurate,” said the rep. “Hope that helps.”

Umm....No, that didn't help.
Basically their denying all knowledge that the game even exists.

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Cajun Chicken3559d ago

Welcome to the world of multiplatform sequels.

Why dis3559d ago

You miss something?


Cajun Chicken3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

“The rumour regarding Mass Effect being developed for PS3 is inaccurate,” said the rep. “Hope that helps.”

When we asked whether that means any future games in the franchise would remain solely on 360 the rep replied:

“Impossible for EA to provide comment on this given that no such games have been announced.”
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------

That's 'Mass Effect' NOT the 'Mass Effect' FRANCHISE. Did Capcom ever make Dead Rising for PS3? Nope...But they are supposedly for the sequel...Bioshock 2 is out multi...same with other franchises...
Know what I mean?...SEQUEL of THE 'Mass Effect' franchise?

Innaccurate? Could that mean that Mass Effect 1 isn't being developed for PS3, but ME2 could be?

chaosatom3559d ago

MASS EFFECT is not being develop.

Nothing to do with Mass Effect 2 or 3.

Rhoic3559d ago

Lol then expect the sales to be absolutely horrible for PS3. If 1 isn't going to be on there, then you will have no idea what the story will be about, and well would have missed 60 hours of it.

StayHigh3559d ago

you are right so their lying about mass effect not coming to the ps3 because we do need to know the story line..i cant wait for it!

devilhunterx3559d ago

Saint's Row 2 and Condemned 2. Both XB2-exclusive sequels dropped on the PS3

Rhoic3559d ago

Those 2 games were never exclusive in the first place. They were reported multi-platform from the get-go. Also, the 2 games mentioned do not even come close to not knowing the first 60 hours of a trilogy.

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TheColbertinator3559d ago

Oh well.Anyway I hope it comes out soon.ME rocks

Aquanox3559d ago

Mass Effect will stay on Xbox 360. Bioshock might have gone multiplatform but the relationship and commitment of Microsoft with this series and Bioware as a wholo is much closer.

TheColbertinator3559d ago

Well if they bring ME2 to PC I will pick up that version instead.The interface and HUD for the PC version was much more clean

Why dis3558d ago

Bioshock was originally coming to PS3 in the first place what is your point?

EA owns bioware but does not run the studio hence why EA did not make announcemnts for bioware, that was the conditions of the deal as stated over and over again. WOW.