GameSpy: GTA IV: The Lost and The Damned Preview

GameSpy writes: "Downloadable content can be a slippery slope for some developers and publishers, as they have to ensure that they're giving consumers the most possible bang for their buck. The way Rockstar Games sees it, Grand Theft Auto IV isn't just a standalone game that can be supported by the occasional DLC release, it's actually a platform on which to create fully realized downloadable games. In fact, when you download the first piece of DLC, titled "The Lost and Damned," you'll access it as a completely separate entity from the main menu, and it will offer as much (or, in some cases, more) content as a full-priced standalone game. Could this be the start of a new era of downloadable content?"

+Motorcycle mechanics have been greatly improved
+Fun new weapons
+Some crossover with the original game

-How long will it actually take to beat?
-Will the story be interesting?

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