Portable Diaries, Part 1: The PSP Gateway Drug

Jason Evangelho muses:

"I was maybe 13 or 14 years old when I first held a Game Boy in my hands. A childhood friend (you know, the one on every block you're intensely jealous of, who nabs the hottest toys the day they're released and ultimately is THE reason you've become an early adopter who buys all the latest gizmos and gadgets and consoles the second they're available?)

Wait, where were we? Ahem...

(in which Jason, GamesAreEvil's Executive Editor, retraces his portable gaming roots to the original Nintendo Game Boy, and attempts to discover why on earth the Sony PSP has dominated his gaming habits.)"

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bgrundman3558d ago

I remember my first game boy... the GameBoy Pocket. Damn I loved that machine. That is why I am a portable gamer till the end!

CrAppleton3558d ago

HAHA.. the first gameboy didn't fit in your pocket.. LMAO

bgrundman3558d ago

well Nintendo made enough iterations on it that by the end the GameBoy Advanced could fit on a keychain... seriously!

killyourfm3558d ago

Open question to everyone: If you've recently been lured away from your consoles by a PSP or DS, let us know your story...

mariusmal3557d ago

i still have the original gameboy with that box in the picture :D