Depreciation and video games: Why $5 is too much for a classic

Would anyone scoff at paying $5 for an enhanced version or collector's edition of "Citizen Kane" on DVD? If a Shakespeare play were released in a special hardbound cover with outstanding cover art, would $10 be too pricey? The likely answer is "that's a bargain."

Then what happened to video games?

While the comparison to literary and film classics may be dubious to some, why does the gaming community look down upon updated releases of historical gaming titles such as "Defender?" What caused the depreciation of what it undoubtedly one of the greats of the industry?

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JPomper4280d ago

A lot of it for me is that the classics don't really hold up well to time. Honestly, a lot of the games are too simple for $5. Nostalgia alone isn't worth the money, either.

It's all subjective, though. Some people have no problems paying $5 for a game I might have spent $.50 at the most on when it was out in the arcades.

kewlkat0074280d ago

I've been playing games for about 20 years, and is somewhat nostalgic with some franchises. I think $1.50 is a great price for classic games. I mean a lot of people play Emulators these days and they just keep on getting better.

Ravenator5294280d ago

The gaming community is always evolving into bigger and better things. You can't compare gaming to books because a book hasn't changed in thousands of years. The only thing that changes with a book is the subject matter. When reading books, people have to use their imagination to come up with a visual from what they are reading. A book is still just words on paper that tells a story. Granted there are comic books which have illustrations but again, you are still just reading a story.

Gaming on the other hand has changed leaps and bounds in just the last 30 years. We used to game with pixelated characters that were controlled with a stick and one button. Now we have high def, 3D rendered graphical games that use controllers which have over 10 different buttons that are all used in some way to control the game. Gaming is always evolving and many people have a hard time going back to the way it used to be.


Because we need more than that! These games cost upwards of $60 nowadays. For $60 we need more than 30 seconds of content in a game. We are getting used to playing games that have millions of dollars of production behind them. Yet, they think that we want to play a remake of some game that a programmer designed in his basement 25 years ago. It was great THEN! Not NOW!

Granted these classics are only $5 a pop, BUT it still goes back to what we are used to NOW! Not 10, 15, or 20 years ago! There are free flash games that have more production value then some of these re-released classics that we are supposed to pay for.

As gamers who keep buying the "new" systems every year, we do this because we are ready to "move on"! And its hard to see justification in paying for something that we either already paid for once, or that takes us back to an era that we wanted to get out of.

Well, that's at least how I feel about it.

funktion_d4280d ago

I was just about to post the exact same argument. totally agreed.

if people can play them on emulators just as well, and games depreciate because newer games are far superior, and yeah i think $5 a game for a classic is to much... esp considering it's just a copy of digital information.. (no DVD/book etc)

I've held out on buying games from the virtual console just because of the price.

kewlkat0074280d ago

give a rats Arse about the old-school nostalgic gamer. They see this virtual download as a way to make extra bucks from selling content. I have no problem with that but they are getting too greedy. Nintendo is very profitable company at that and they are charging all this money.

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The story is too old to be commented.