Can Wii Gamers Be Excited for 2009?

This time last year people only had Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii to fend off the baby sims and Mega Party Game Blasts. Nintendo was tight-lipped about E3 and the third party offerings were slim as usual – in other words, there was no respite from the casual flood in sight. Today though, gamers are entering Wii's third year of wiggle-waggle tyranny with a bit more spring in their step, ready to give the system they have delegated to permanent dust duty another chance.

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Danja3554d ago

Mad World is what im looking forward to the most

The Condult is looking good also..

and Nintendo plz to hurry with Pikmin 3..XD

Gr813554d ago

I am. The Conduit has me interested as does Punch-out and any other yet to be announced games. There are also a ton more, but I don't like making huge lists.

Product3554d ago

seeing as how this year is so far going to be the year with the most third party support plus all the announced and unnounced nintendo games,yes this year will be good for the wii.

Jotenks3554d ago

and with due reasons, the Wii has been having a hell of a build up so far. A few games I'm excited about even though others may not be:
(1) Oneechanbara [not onechanbara - no clue why they dropped the e when it's needed to symbolize that it's older sister]
(2)The Conduit.
(4)Sonic and the black Knight (I must say the video made it look pretty interesting).
(5)Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.

I left out my favorite Monster Hunter Tri~ because well it just does not seem likely that it will hit these shores this year, being that it seems very likely it will taste the rising sun after summer time.

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The story is too old to be commented.