4TheGeekNU: Demo Impressions of XBLA's The Maw

4TheGeekNU writes: "The Maw, Xbox Live Arcade's latest addition was released yesterday, and much to our surprise, this is one of the greatest XBLA titles ever released. Created by Twisted Pixels, The Maw is a 3-D action adventure game featuring the lovable blue alien Frank and his overindulging pet / sidekick The Maw. After crash landing and discovering one another, the game begins as Frank finds an armlet, giving him the ability to grapple onto objects and the many different creatures throughout the world, including The Maw. Players will face many obstacles and hilarious moments throughout the game, as Frank and Maw embark on their soon-to be legendary journey."

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Must get more MSFT points NOW!!!!!!

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I am getting this...TONIGHT!