Far Cry 2, PoP and Shaun White all break 2 million sales

Ubisoft confirmed a slew of sales figures in its third quarter financials today, showing big numbers for its top line-up as explanation of a 13 percent like-for-like increase in sales for the period.

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shadowghost7523581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Very good news for Ubisoft

I wonder how Endwar performed?

outlawlife3581d ago

actually surprised about shaun white, i didn't leave with a very good impression when i played it at a friends house, and i personally don't know anyone else who bought it so i'm surprised

creeping judas3581d ago

Shaun White blew chunks!!!

I want Amped back!!!

Helghast Slayer3581d ago

I be it sold much more on the 360, which further reinforces that they gobble up any mediocre turd. Well from their moms that is lol.

locos853581d ago

I am thinking about picking up Far Cry 2. They have it for $30 at best buy this week. The only thing putting me off is all the driving. I rented it when it came out.