Noby Noby Boy Will Own KillZone 2 In February

Blend Games writes:

"You may remember the news about the greatest game of all time coming to the PlayStation Network called, Noby Noby Boy. Well, Namco Bandai has stamped a price and an official date on this unique new title and we have the news right here for you."

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ascendantofrain3558d ago

LMMFAO....they only put killzone 2 in the title/article to get hits and everyone knows this....sad but true


If I can come up with a dollar more I will buy it. All my moneys been spent on BUzz add ons and high velocity bowling add ons

solidjun53558d ago

he may very well be right, but I'm chuckling my ass off right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.