Impressions: Major League Baseball 2K7

Last year's Major League Baseball 2K6 played like an average team desperately clinging onto a final playoff spot. It offered plenty of exciting moments, but other (and better) sports video games brushed it aside. Although GameDaily received preview code (not suitable for review), they report that Xbox 360 version looks much better than its cell processor powered PlayStation 3 counterpart.

"For whatever reason, the PlayStation 3 MLB 2K7 lacks polish. The foreground looks sharp, displaying the finest of details on pitchers and batters, but the background blurs, obscuring the ugly fans, the stadiums and outfield/infielders. Even the 2K Sports blimp that appears during the beginning of games moves slowly, its propellers slowly turning.

The Xbox 360 version, on the other hand, looks amazing. All of the players resemble their real life counterparts, right down to body build (fat guys, represent) and little details, such as signature wristbands and shin guards. 2K Sports even captures their batting stances; Derek Jeter stands up straight, while other players lean over."

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techie4440d ago

Where is everybody OUTLAW!?

You would'v thought they would be here punching the sh't out of the ps3.

Perhaps noone cares anymore?

gogators4440d ago

about how upset you where over the backwards compatability. They are suppose to release a list of titles currently supported by the PS3. If your games are all listed you sould still be good to go. I don't like how this generation has had such a reliance on an internet connection. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 have required far too many updates. I still haven't donbe the latest PS3 update. What would people do if they didn't have online support.

Hope all your important titles are covered by the PS3.

techie4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

Haha thanks mate. You are very kind. We'll see aye. It was the intention before hand to get rid of the ps2 chip...but I believe they were having trouble with it. Let's just hope that's all ok now.

It was just lame to hear it was happening for launch when we're paying so much more. I'm not actually getting the ps3 until I finish uni in May, so I have time to watch what's going down. I didn't really care about the hardware change but just that they said in such a nice microsoft style that "it's not our priority" why promise it in the first place?

I do like playing old games...I'd like to play prince of persia, god of war, ico, shadow of the colossus, okami, umm final fantasy, red faction, killzone, tomb raider, amplitude, tekken, etc.

If they can pull it off and mostly out of the box, then I'll be a happy lad. Well relatively. A nice early price cut would be nice. Perhaps European gamers should go on strike and not buy any ps3's until a price cut...then we'll go ahead and get moving. I want to hear some good news now please :)

kewlkat0074440d ago

Everyone is pissed off they can't play MLB 2K6 on thier

gogators4440d ago

very good and even if they make unbelievable advancements with this version, it's still baseball. Hasn't changed since good versions of baseball came out over ten years ago. Still too boring. 2k hasn't exactly been pushing the envelope. Why do you think there have been rumors of a EA buy out. They spent too much gathering IP, like MLB, and now they aren't making the profits they need to.

THAMMER14440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

And the whole PS3 not stacking up thing is some thing we just have to get accustomed to seeing at least until 2009.

I'll be buying this if the game play is good. I have seen the XBL trailer and it is mind blowing how real this game looks.

power of Green 4440d ago

No one care's your right! it's common knowlege and probably has reached the masses(average consumer) by now.

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