Devs "Working Extremely Hard" on Alan Wake

From the Article:

"Yesterday we posted a story about Remedy Games and the progress they are making with the development of Alan Wake; today we heard back from the team over there and they are officially "working extremely hard on Alan Wake", etc. The recent attention is thanks to a picture taken of one staff member's office which showed Alan Wake being played on a debug Xbox 360 unit. In our correspondence we also learned that the spotted Alan Wake play was from a "relatively recent build". Stay tuned right here at for more information on Alan Wake as it comes in, for now check out the full e-mail below as well as a link to the original story:"

What are your thoughts on this game, is anyone still excited for it? Has it been too long since we first heard about it at E3 a couple years ago?

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UltimaEnder3653d ago

I'm really looking forward to Alan Wake, Remedy needs to release some more information on the game this year at least.....

xhi43653d ago

to get it on my PC!!

if its good that is!

thegood333653d ago

I am looking forward to this game more then any other.

I've been waiting for an open world type of horror game for a loooooong time.

If they pull it off, could be game of the year. I just hope they don't release it until it is polished and ready..

ThanatosDMC3653d ago

I wonder if it's like Silent Hill 2... it'd be great if they can do it right.

Valkyrie833653d ago

Good stuff, glad to hear progress is being made and Alan Wake is still being developed!

hoplo3653d ago

We definitely need more info about Alan Wake, NOW! they have had enough time making it to give us something to sink our teeth into. I guess its good just hearing about it again so we know it's in being made.

Helghast Slayer3653d ago

Yes let it come so i can play it on my pc with my free Windows XP OS, after i get a downloaded version then play it with my ps3 controller on my pc for free lol. God bless alternate solutions.

Helghast Slayer3653d ago

i kid i kid. Just love pulling the xbrats legs lol. luckily im not a scum so i won't be doing that. it's just a solution to the low lifes who do that kind of blasphemy.

GiantEnemyLobster3653d ago

To play this game on the PC, 360, or PS3.. o wait.

Swiftfox3653d ago

I don't mean to make waves, but, this is a Xbox 360 exclusive, correct? Why is it under Playstation news?

UltimaEnder3653d ago

As far as I know its both, at least in the N4G settings for game relation it was PS3 and Xbox 360.....if not I will try and remove it!

tako20003653d ago

agree, ain't this a "long waited" X360 exclusive?

why this appear on PS3 section? or N4G know something the rest of game-world don't know?

UltimaEnder3653d ago

After doing some digging it looks as though it is coming to the 360 and PC as of now, stupid N4G and their "related games" feature......if a mod comes in here please remove the PS3 aspect of this article, thanks!

crillyconlig3653d ago

all gamers should be interested in this, not just single consal owners

there is a massive lack of info on this game, courious to know more

Why dis3653d ago

The dark forces (enemies) coming to 'take care of' Alan Wake are vulnerable to light. So the most useful weapon of all is actually the flashlight. You will be able to place booby traps which will illuminate when executed, etc. Light will weaken or hurt Wake's enemies, and creatively taking advantage of any and all light sources within Alan Wake's grim world is touted to be one of the more interesting aspects of play.

A cinematic trailer[1] for the game was shown on 15th October 2008, just before the Max Payne film premiere.

Like Max Payne before it, the title Alan Wake is a play on words. Combining the main character's first initial with his last name forms "A. Wake," or "Awake".

Remedy Entertainment also promised a free-roam 3-dimensional city, similar to the Grand Theft Auto series.

"The basic idea with the free-roaming world is that we give the player goals, and then the player can go about achieving those goals in the way he chooses. Alan Wake is more tightly character-driven and story-oriented, meaning that the player’s goals and missions are closely focused around Alan Wake and his story. Also, the setting, the tone and the game being an action thriller all set it clearly apart from the GTA games." – Sam Lake

"Intense cinematic action is something that we love to do, and Alan Wake features tense combat gameplay as well, but all things considered the game has a lot more emphasis on adventure and exploration than what Max Payne did. Driving is an integral part of the game" - Petri Järvilehto.

There will be no multiplayer in this game. "We'd much rather give the players a great single-player game, than a mediocre single and multiplayer game."

Kind of a mix of GTA, Silent Hill/Resident Evil and a 3rd person action game with a little shooter, puzzle using the environment as a weapon.

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