Gamespot: Spore: Galactic Adventures First Impressions

Galactic Adventures is an expansion pack that lets Spore owners create their own adventures, in the same vein as creatures, which they can play and share with their friends and the online community via the Sporepedia--providing that they've reached the space stage of the game. In the same way that the creation tools were the highlight in Spore, it looks as if the same will be true of Galactic Adventures, which will give you greater control of not just the creatures but also the universe around them. You can build and edit new planets from scratch and pollinate them with life. Flora, water colour, day length, climate, and sea levels can all be customised, and this ability has evolved from the team's in-house development tools. You'll also be able to tinker with land masses to create mountains and hills, continents, islands, oceans, lakes, valleys, rivers, and roads to give your planet an individual touch.

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