Ubi confirms Assassin's Creed 2

Ubisoft has today announced targets for its next financial year (April 1, 2009 - March 31, 2010), confirming the release of Assassin's Creed 2, Splinter Cell Conviction and a new Ghost Recon game.

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Rich16313556d ago

Count me out, the first one was boring and repetitive as hell.

JhawkFootball063556d ago

The first one was extremely fun, the only downfall was the repetiveness but Ubisoft wont make that mistake this time around so look forward to a good game!

Ghoul3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

The first one was awesome and i love it.
Problem with AC was that they softend the gameplay to please all the whiners from E³.
Because of this noone used the intel given to you from the miniquests for example (90% of the poeple i asked didnt even knew that tere are maps with routes of the patrols etc.)

They made the game so easy you could literally rush in kill the target and hide. But that wasnt what ubi wanted in te first place. I hope this time they stick to the planned design

Disable the hud and all onscreen helpers and AC is a BLAST

lociefer3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

YEESSSS assassin's creed 2 , now ubi plz make it less repetitive / boring / a good story this time / and a fuKin good ending, also take care of the ps3 version this time , there were some glitches here and there, and .... , u no what , dont release it

Danja3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

other than repetitive missions and shallow combat system , and a crappy and confusing ending...but I really enjoyed Assassins Creed....and im more than looking for to AC2..and to see where they take the story from that cliff-hanger

Ghoul3556d ago

Oh btw the Story is great, fresh, and one of its own.

I do understand though that most people dislike it, it's a tradition in Literature, Films and games that different approaches are often rejected in the first place.

I love AC

GameGambits3556d ago

We all know the only major flaw with the first was repetitivity. The rest of it is a very outstanding game, especially the story. I can't wait to see where this games universe goes.

It'll be a dang shame though if they don't learn from the first. It'll make it way too hard to play through it to enjoy the story and that's where to me this game really shines. The first is def. a rental, but I don't recommend anyone buying it. Too short to justify the price tag.

lociefer3556d ago

checkin out the first trailers that were released for this game everybody was like , wow , this game is a must buy , crusaders times and stuff , thts why i bought it , then when the first cutscene was up i was like wwhhhaaaaattt ttthhheee fuuuckkk ?? seriously , the story feels kinda loose , but the ending was kinda emerging , not good , but emerging, i hope they fix all this stuff in 2

shovelbum3556d ago

Finally! Not like we didn't expect it but I really enjoyed AC and look forward to another adventure. Bring on the French Revolution or any revolution for that matter.

BLuKhaos3556d ago

FV<K YES!! I'm playing the first one right now.

solidt123556d ago

Personally I would like to see them make a new IP. I am tired of playing games that are sequels unless they bring something totally new to the games you can count me out also. We will see.

Freak of Nature3556d ago

The 1st one was a "Flawed Masterpiece"...

If they can give non repetitive gameplay,add more depth to the stealth,more moves,weapons,tweak all the important gameplay aspects they could very well have a masterpiece.

I also believe the rumor of swimming being added.Plus if they could actually get some kind of Co-OP,that would be off the charts great...

Arthur and the Invisibles has the potential to be a great platformer,the movie and soon to be sequel has loads of style and great design.If they can bring in all the great aspects of platforming and gameplay of the other great platformers of the past it could be great for platform lovers.

Bad news...No sign of Beyond good and Evil 2? I know it has been around for 1.5 years now,as a couple old work partners of mine did Pre-viz for it...I hope it rears it's "beautiful" head soon...

Viper73556d ago

New assassins creed! count me in. Liked the first one quite a bit but it could have used more interesting missions. The assassinations where good but the game lacked "depth" and was too repeating.

And no, I dont want to collect any more flags so hopefully they have ditched that as well :|

ali3123556d ago

Are you kidding? I think you'll find alotm of disagrees there

Alvadr3556d ago

What kept me interested in AC1 was the interesting story line.

The gameplay was repetitive and dull, you had a massive open cities and world which looks amazing and full of life... But you couldnt do anything outside of the repetitive objectives. But the story kept me playing.

Im hoping that in AC2 they have learned from AC1 so fingers crossed there are alot of improvements.

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molsen813556d ago

The real question is will the Splinter Cell game be multiplatform or 360 exclusive? I think Ubisoft heard the complaints of the first Assassin's Creed and make it less repetitive.

dgroundwater3556d ago

Yes, it's still 360 exclusive :). I'm really excited for the new Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and AC. I hope at least 2 of the 3 make it out before holiday 09.

solidt123556d ago

SC is only a timed exclusive. I will did up the link but they are devoloping a PS3 version already.

Rhoic3556d ago

Sorry buddy.. but there is no word of any timed exclusivity or any form of development for the PS3 version. The only way you would be able to know this is if you worked with Ubisoft.

"Speaking during a conference call following the company's third-quarter financial report, Ubisoft has re-confirmed that Splinter Cell Conviction will be an Xbox 360 exclusive."

-straight from their mouth.

sajj3163556d ago

sweet .... ? Don't see AC2 selling as much as the first though :) Good luck Ubi

Danja3556d ago

why even till this day the game still does 15-30k weekly on both PS3/360

sajj3163556d ago

Quite honestly, I don't think Ubi can generate the hype it created on the first game. If it sells on par with the first, that is a true accomplishment. The internet buzz regarding the first title was VERY strong.

Alvadr3556d ago

Do not underestimate the selling power of this game.. It will sell

Kushan3556d ago

I am jack's complete lack of surprise.

Bubble Buddy3556d ago

Let us hope Ubisoft realize the potential of AC and tap into it. The core gameplay is amazing, but the missions/hiding places/maps were too much of the same thing. AC2 better let us SKIP THE CUTSCENES.

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