Ars: Hands-on with Resistance: Retribution and PSP Plus

Resistance: Retribution is, in many ways, much more of the sequel that fans of the series had expected out of Resistance 2. The game maintains the same fundamental setting and style of Resistance: Fall of Man, right down to the narrated cinematic sequences and the European campaign front. Leaving Nathan Hale's adventure to the main series, Retribution focuses on the exploits of James Grayson, a British soldier left behind on the European front to hunt down and destroy the remaining conversion centers.

Gimmickry aside, Resistance: Retribution looks like it's going to be yet another AAA title to add to the PSP's small but enjoyable library. Very little seems to have been lost in translation from the PS3 to the PSP in terms of the franchise's main gameplay tenets, and fans of the original will likely eat up the similarities in narrative. Resistance Retribution hits stores on March 17.

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