Rockstar Prices GTA IV: Lost and Damned

Rockstar has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned will cost 1600 Microsoft Points (GBP 13.60 / EUR 19.20) when it's released on 17th February.

That's the price people all expected after a GameStop posting hinted at a USD 20 price point late last year.

The first of two announced episodes for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned puts you in the boots of Johnny Klebitz, a member of Liberty City biker gang The Lost.

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-GametimeUK-3560d ago

Fail... Fail overpriced DLC for a fail game... PS3 owners shouldnt feel bad about missing out on this...

outlawlife3560d ago

im glad you have the inside knowledge to know that this isnt worth it before it has even been released

thanks your great insight has saved all of us a lot of money

perhaps you should post your thoughts on every unreleased game and content piece so we know exactly what to buy

-GametimeUK-3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

"perhaps you should post your thoughts on every unreleased game and content piece so we know exactly what to buy"

In case you havent read any of my previous posts I already do :-)

N4G3603560d ago

at least I don't have to spend $1 on virtual furniture. Go troll some where else, is it a slow news day for the PS3?

-GametimeUK-3560d ago

@ above

thats funny considering the price of the XBL gold membership... Try again...

BTW I dont use $ I use £

Danja3560d ago

did KZ2 convert you to the good side...? lol

I think spending money on this DLC of GTA4 is waste of money IMO..maybe it's because I really didn't enjoy the game..but im sure lots of 360 fanboys will be buying to...since not much games is in there pipelines these day

BLaZiN PRopHeT3560d ago

The game is 12-20 hours long and comes with tons of new content along with a new MP. So how isn't it worth it? you getting an entire new game for 20 bucks.

StayHigh3560d ago

No one cares anymore..only fanboys..i dont care about dlc waste of money i rather spend it on resident evil 5 and Street fighter iv and killzone 2..

Blademask3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

For example:

XBLA you HAVE to pay for FREE peer-to-peer gaming.
XBLA you HAVE to pay for premium themes(virtual goods)

And slow news day for the PS3? lol. The ps3 -as always- has more game news, more industry news, more bad news, more good news, than the 360 has. The entire 360 section is dead unless its trollbait stories or something greenberg says. The 'gaming' news never gets warmer than 5 degrees.

But anyway,

More people would care about the DLC if GTA4 wasn't such a terrible game compared to the rest of the GTA's. At least its something for 360 fans to do until MS releases thousands of AAA games @ E3. I know entering 2009, everyone cant WAIT to drive more people around to objectives.

callahan093560d ago

"at least I don't have to spend $1 on virtual furniture. Go troll some where else, is it a slow news day for the PS3?"

Nobody has to spend money on anything in Home, it's purely optional. If you don't want to, you can still enjoy using Home. Xbox Live on the other hand does not allow anyone to play games online without paying a premium. Hmmmmm

Kushan3560d ago

Apparently Blademask doesn't know the difference between Xbox Live, the Xbox Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade.

To bash the Xbox for having expensive DLC is stupid, Sony is just as guilty of this as anyone else.

I personally believe that 99% of DLC is vastly overpriced, especially map packs, they are the worst offenders for this (They're like what, $10-15 for about 4 maps, when the main game that cost you $50 came with like 15 maps, a single player game, multiplayer, etc.? Doesn't add up). I've no idea how much content is in this, though, so it's hard to say if it'll be overpriced, but it probably will be.
If Rockstar had any sense, they'd release it as standalone so anyone who doesn't even have GTAIV can get it.

CommonSense3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

if ps3 is so great. and 360 is so bad. and gta is so bad. why are all the ps3 fanboys wasting their time in an article unrelated to anything they love.

go read about over hyped games that will bomb after release and leave the 360 DLC to the ppl with 360.

EDIT: Oh yeah. and for those bragging about psn being free. i NEEDS to be. if they charged for it, ppl would just get a 360 and ps3 owners would no longer have any leverage in that argument. also. i'd happily pay sony 50 dollars a year if they would make PSN move faster than dial up. lol. ps3 fanboys are like Mormons. no matter how much they wanna believe the crap they are spewing, deep down they know nobody with a shred of logic is buying it.

TheRealSpy3560d ago

not only that. but name the last full priced ps3 exclusive that lasted 20 hours. and i don't mean an expansion, i mean the original retail game. also, MGS4 doesn't count, cuz the cut scenes took longer than the actual game gameplay.

and in general, gta4 is definitely the best of the GTAs. it just didn't make the biggest leap. as far as graphics go, it's solid. gameplay is fun. the driving mechanics are spot on. this whole anti-gta movement was started by the jealous ps3 fanboys who lost out on potential expansions. people are just mindless drones who love to jump on hatred bandwagons. just like with halo 3. it was a game that did exactly what it was meant to do. and it set new standards for console FPS. but since ps3 exclusive owners were left with the halo knock-off Resistance, they ranted and raved that halo 3 was just halo 2.5. unfortunately for them, Resistance was barely Halo 2.

Alvadr3560d ago

£13.25 is really cheap for an additional 20 hours of gameplay with all the additional features that it comes with. I sold my GTA 360 copy, kinda wish i didnt now. Oh well.

callahan093560d ago

This just in: CommonSense has never played a single game over PSN. If he had, he'd know that it isn't "slow like dial-up." I've actually had typically better connections in my online games on PSN than I have on Xbox Live. And to the guy complaining about 20 hour games on the PS3, what difference does the length of a single-player mode make when replay value is all-important. Most lists of the best games of all time contain short games with high replay value. Maybe the campaign modes aren't all very, very long, but that doesn't mean they're too short, either. I've played through MGS4 and Resistance 2 multiple times. Including online multiplayer, lots of PS3 games have tons of longevity. I have 100 hours in Resistance 2, 200 hours into Warhawk (awesome & addictive game), about 80 hours in MGS4 and MGO... Oh, and there ARE longer games for the PS3, like Folklore (took me 35 hours my first play through, collecting all the folks), Disgaea 3 (90 hours in, still haven't gone to complete the main story), Valkyria Chronicles (60 hours on a single playthrough)

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WeaseL3560d ago

I expect it to sell well so the fanboys can point out how well its done even if they don't own the game.

Mindboggle3560d ago

360 fanboys do that all the time. Just like they will buy Tekken 6 and final fantasy for no other reason than spite even though most of them dont even like it.

DrRage773560d ago

this game had so much hype that i bought it for the 360 when it came out on the first friends and i all got it to play online...i played it for the first few weeks (never finished the game) and got so bored with it that I haven't touched it in like a year, and neither have my friends...waste of money for me. i am definitely NOT going to shell out any money for the DLC since i don't even want to finish up the original game.

i was disappointed considering the graphics and gameplay were not any better than GTA3...that was a better game than GTA4 hands down. no more wasting money on this franchise for if you excuse me, i am going to pretend to be a rockstar on my plastic guitar....

outlawlife3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

did you seriously just say the graphics and gameplay weren't any better than gta3?

you really are delusional

while gta4 didn't match the hype(it never could have) saying something like that is just ridiculous

go back and play gta3 again and try saying the same thing

beavis4play3560d ago

but i didn't thinkd GTA4 was as fun as 3, vice city or san andreas.
those previous 3 games were loads of fun. GTA4, while it looked better than the others, seemed to really be a dry, boring game. some examples of problems in it were: boring missions, terrible story, a lot of weapons (from previous games) missing, no owning property. i played it 2 weeks and traded it in. it was the biggest letdown in gaming that i've experienced.

WaR_HaWk3560d ago

a GTA Vice City Remake for XBL/PSN and I'll be happy. IMO GTA VC WAS THE BEST GTA EVER.

Danja3560d ago

yes indeed my friend..GTA:VC is the best game in the Franchise so far...IMO

but in GTA4 they did make alot of reference to GTA:VC like...the plane tickets...and on billboards and stuff....and on a certain mission

maybe they will take it back in to Vice City in the next installment....I would be 1st inline to get day

WaR_HaWk3560d ago

was very good to, the only thing i did in SA is explore, i liked jumping off choppers, building lol using parashut.

Official General3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I just hope they make an updated version as the next GTA title, with all the best previous GTA features and new ones.

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panasonic233560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

i getting this baby ign said this dlc would take around 11-20 hours that just the story mode i can't too what new weapon's and cars they have added.

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