Microsoft to cut five thousand jobs as 360 sells 6 million in 3 months

Microsoft said that 6 million Xbox 360s were sold worldwide between October and December 2008 as it intends to cut 5000 jobs in other areas of its company.

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Capt CHAOS3554d ago

WHAT does the number of 360's sold by MS have ANYTHING to do with job cuts. Got back and do your homework..

Powertesties3554d ago

and who blames them. Times are tight.

Good work on selling 6 million in 3 months though.

morriss3554d ago

Aye. Considering everything other division is facing cuts, it seems the 360 branch is the only thing making a profit.

DrRage773554d ago

actually most of microsoft's divisions are making a profit (if not all of them), but the big difference is that they are making LESS profit than they did in previous years...if your profits are shrinking, then it's time to unload some of the dead weight employees.

morriss3554d ago

Oh right. Didn't know that, thanks.

Kaneda3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Apple is making record profit.. M$ competitor...

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ppisatosspot3554d ago

Instead of blowing 50million dollars on GTA4 DLC, most of those people could of had their jobs.

GiantEnemyLobster3554d ago

Its nothing compared to the 30,000 sony laid off.

twoface3554d ago

Proud to be comparing number of lay-offs, aren't we? Sickening

ultimolu3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Lobster, what the f*ck is wrong with you?


Unbelievable. You're the perfect 360 stormtrooper!

And it was 16,000...not 30,000.

mrdxpr23554d ago

well they might have sold that much but how much is MS losing on each console cause that thing is dirt cheap and they did 2 price cuts 2 months in a row so they might be selling lots of ps3 but how much they make.. and some of those must still be in stores and counting the 360s that where giving to people that there old 360 broke ???

Kushan3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

"Well they might have sold [6 million in 3 months], but how much is Microsoft losing on each console, due to the low selling price?
They did two price cuts two months in a row [sic, probably meant 2 years in a row] so although they may be selling lots of PS3's [I think he means 360's], how much money are they really making?
Also, some of those must still be in stores [sitting on shelves] and how many of those count towards replacement 360's for those that have broken?"

To answer the question - replacement 360's do not count towards sales (new boxes are rarely given out as replacements anyway, they're usually the same console repaired, or another refurb). As for the amount sitting on store shelves, it's irrelevant as they wouldn't be shipping huge quantities of 360's just to sit in stores. If they're shifting a lot, it's because people are buying them.
And finally, I have no idea how much money Microsoft "loses" on each box, but I cannot imagine it being a great deal these days, they probably make it back with just 2 or 3 game sales. Considering the attach rate of the 360, you can be sure Microsoft is making money in the end or not far off of it.

Why dis3554d ago

Spin it.

The job cuts have nothing to do with the 360 in the original news that is.

Spare us the drama and twisted rhetoric.

kevin11123554d ago

when he mentions how many repairs are counted as new he means when someone brings it back to the store and they get a new one. Those are most likely counted as sold so its hard to tell.

and every company is hurting from the bad economy.

MasterBlaster3554d ago

Which brings me to my next point... Don't smoke crack.

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Why dis3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

They said they're preparing for the future because of the financial crisis regardless of making billions lol.

They said cutting jobs now will help them when times get tuff(er)

Holy crap about the 360 sales.

IdleLeeSiuLung3554d ago

Yeah, 6 million consoles in 3 months is pretty impressive, but it begs the question. What the heck was going on in the other 9 months? We already know about the supposed shortages in early 2008, but what about the remaining 6 months from April to September then....

Why dis3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

DVD format victory push died down? who knows. Asking how sales declined is more important don't you think?

Doesn't matter at this point.

gambare3554d ago

I was wondering if Why dis works in some Microsoft division? non sense hate against Sony makes me think so.

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