PSU Interview: Ghostbusters: The Videogame

Playstation Universe talks to Terminal Reality's Lead Designer about the upcoming action adventure Ghostbusters: The Videogame.

"PSU: Are we right in saying that you can't actually die in the game, but you simply lose energy that regenerates over time? If that's the case, where does the challenge lie?

"It's accurate that no one really 'dies' in the game. Ghostbusters regenerate health over time (who says close exposure to nuclear accelerators is always a bad thing?), unless they're knocked out. When knocked out, a Ghostbuster must be revived by a still-active teammate to get back into the action. Mission failure results when all Ghostbusters present are knocked out.

This leads to some really frantic priority-juggling scenarios when wounded Ghostbusters require revival. Do you keep fighting, or do you duck and weave through a spectral cataclysm to a fallen comrade? As the last one standing, do you risk getting taken out, too? Or when you're lying there waiting for revival, can your lone fellow Ghostbuster get to you just before he's laid out?"

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