Age of Conan Still in Development for Xbox 360

Age of Conan game director Craig Morrison has confirmed Funcom is still working on an Xbox 360 version of the MMO.

"There is a small, dedicated team working on the Xbox platform at the moment," he said, speaking in Eurogamer's live text interview.

"We still plan on having a 360 version of the game at some stage but I'm afraid I can't go into specifics beyond that at the moment," Morrison said.

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shinobi3333582d ago

sounds to me like their just being down right lazy

Pennywise3582d ago

After trying the PC version, who in the hell wants this game??

outlawlife3582d ago

im highly doubting this will actually make it to release, the pc version failed hugely and consoles don't have a great track record for mmos

if/when it does come out unless the subscription fees are small or if it is free somehow it may see some type of success but i don't see it being hugely popular

its a shame, consoles really need a good mmo, just port warhammer online over and we'd be fine

Nevers3582d ago


*continues playing FFxi*