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Opinion: Will Microsoft scrap fees for Xbox Live?

Or might Sony start charging for PlayStation Network?...

Following a price promotion on Xbox Live Gold subscription packages through Amazon in the US earlier this month, TechRadar wondered if we might soon see the day when Microsoft decides to scrap fees for its online gaming service altogether?

It is an issue which is particularly pertinent to gamers right now, following aggressive PR moves from Sony to discredit the Xbox 360 for NOT having a free online service, like the PlayStation 3 has.

So what do the games industry analysts, editors and pundits think about all this?

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meepmoopmeep3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )


i hope MS makes it free
as it should be.

i paid $300 for a GimpBox 360
because i have no use for Gold Live

Darkseider3647d ago

Not a chance in HELL. MS makes approx. 800 Million USD/yr off of XBox Live Gold subs. You would have to be insane to think that they would kill off that kind of revenue.

Roper3163647d ago

imho only fools pay for something you can get free else where. And seeing that most 360 owners have to go about 2 months out of the year without their 360's because of the crap hardware MS put out you are paying 50 bucks for 10 months basically. And seeing that MS is using alot that money to combat the crappy HW problem and repair costs 360 owners get the delusion that MS is fixing their system for free when essientially they are paying through their live fee.

And for the fanboy's who will say I am a PS fanboy, I own a 360 and the only thing I am a fanboy of is gaming & games!!!! NOT COMPANIES OR SYSTEMS!!! you should try it sometime!!!!

NaiNaiNai3647d ago

and in my opinion, fools are the same people who are not allowed to talk about there countrys leaders, or of politics or other such events.

look like every country but the US is a fool. since people get arrested for saying anything to there leaders that is bad, or how about all those other things.

look at everything before you mouth off. people pay to stay in those country's that keep them locked up and not allowed to speak freely.

you are a fool if you think what your saying can't be applied to everything in the world.

darthv723647d ago

What works for one does not mean it works for others. The business model sony has is theirs and if you think MS and nintendo MUST do the same thing then you are crazy.

We all like free things but there are hidden (underlying) costs to things being free. What I don't get is why ps3 fans do not see the silver membership as being (mostly) equal to the psn?? It comes back to the old played out argument of which is a better value.

Choice is good and people like choices so long as they are not complicated to understand. People knock the 360 for lacking a hdd but don't take into account that perhaps..just perhaps..there are some who don't WANT IT! Maybe later but definitely NOT NOW! thus the reason they purchase the arcade version.

Other than the lack of a hdd there is no definitive difference between systems. It wasn't that way for the PS3 at first. There were real hardware differences that did change the outcome of the system. True it was a choice to consumers but when the differences mean REAL differences that can't be addressed by simply buying a part later it was then that people knew they really had no choice.

To understand live you have to go back to what it offered when it was released. Then fast forward to today and see how much it has grown and yet still charges the same amount for the premium members. Free members may lose out on competitive play online but it comes back to what was said before. Perhaps...just perhaps there are some who don't want it. Wii has online in some form, this is true. How many games are made to take advantage of that as standard? There are requirements that each dev must adhere to when releasing a game on the 360. Some type of online component (dlc, coop, competitive) and achievements.

The same does not hold true for ps3 and wii games. The statement of "sony is new to this" means nothing as they knew what they were getting into when they announced such a service. No one really expected much from nintendo yet they are somewhat suprising with some of their titles recently.

Why is it that you can't demo everything on psn? Free online should translate into free trial of stuff. Every arcade game on live has a free trial. Wii doesn't have a real storage solution (yet) so the only demos you can get as for the ds (not bad but could use more variety). I think some of the cost from live goes to pay for the space needed to host these files and you can't deny the fact that ms is not a studio with movie and music companies in their pocket.

Sorry for the rant but it just bugs me when people think that just because one company is giving away something, the others NEED to do the same thing. I wouldn't mind the last part of live being free so long as the rest of the service does not adjust to compensate for the loss of income (start removing features). I don't mind paying $50 a year for the service so please don't harp on me for doing so.

I respect people's choice to play for free so long as they respect my choice to pay.

End of rant.

gaminoz3647d ago

NO I doubt it, but I hope so. It isn't as good value here in Australia.