Street Fighter IV Storms Up … A Laugh?

TrueGameHeadz writes:
"OMG! Before I wail on the American voices in "Street Fighter IV," I want to point out something; my Japanese gaming friends tell me that they themselves cannot stand the Japanese voice overs in game. As a matter of fact, they hate them as much we hate American voice overs."

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Mikelarry3653d ago

i was the only one who noticed this. i cant stand when ken or ryu say shoryuken it sounds so aweful in the english one. ken doesnt even say the the right words when doing his spinning air kick. but that hasnt stopped me preordering noooooooooo way first day of release for me. im sure they would offer options to change this later.

bitboi3653d ago

you would think with all the money and production behind sf4 it would have better voice acting. I just hope there's a Japanese language option to select. And even if the Japanese language sounds awful to Japanese gamers, it'll sound better to us cuz we don't know what they're saying (mostly) lol.

Swiftfox3653d ago

I was made aware that upon beating the game you are given the option of toggling the Japanese or English voices for each individual character.

"Japanese gamer friends.." the ones that live in L.A most likely. I personaly hate when any Japanese dialoge is dubbed, it takes away what the director wanted you to hear when you give the script to a foriegn voice director.

The Japanese voices sound fine to me, save Sagat. That particular voice actor also performs Dhalsim. Personally they should have given Sagat to another actor, since I can hear Sagat saying "Yoga Catastrophy"

Crystallis3653d ago

HAHA, I have some japanese friends who cant stand the japanese voice over's in games. They prefer the English voice-over's. Also when I play games if the game has an option to switch voice overs to japanese with english subtitles i'll switch it. I cant stand some of the english voice over's. Go figure huh.