n-Space's 'Winter' storms the web

GoNintendo writes: I find it absolutely absurd that a game like Winter is shunned by publishers. Here we have the number 1 console in the entire world, yet publishers are afraid to pick up a new game in a well-established genre. Some publishers still think that core games won't work on the Wii. That's kind of a crappy situation for Wii owners. It's those same publishers that are creating the situation that they're afraid of. If publishers don't release core-oriented games on the Wii, then how can anyone test the waters of how core-oriented titles will sell? There's no market for core games on the Wii because publishers haven't created the market.

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meepmoopmeep3554d ago

yet another reason for me to finally get a Wii

love me some JPN horror yikes!

Parapraxis3554d ago

Winter isn't coming to the Wii unless they find a publisher ¦-|

Jtcp3554d ago

Sign the petition below and lets get this game a publisher so we can all enjoy this sweet looking title!!


Parapraxis3554d ago

This is a great article, and it's needed.

Nintendo said the Wii will get new people into "gaming", but unless they means something OTHER than the traditional sense of the word they are NOT bringing anybody new in.

The Wii is getting new players of "mini-gaming", this is something completely different from the core, and far from the previous understaning of the term "core gaming".

"We need to rally together and let not only n-Space, but devs/pubs all around the world know that the core Wii gamer exists, and we are ready to play."

The Wii has potential to get new players into more traditional gaming, but it's nearly impossible when there is no support given to it.

Voiceofreason3554d ago

Please explain how platformers like Mario are nothing like what has been out before? Also explain Resident Evil, NMH, Guitar Hero,Rock Band, Strikers, Madden, PES, etc are like no other games ever created..
Your claims of " nothing but mini games" only shows how little you know about the console.
When you play a PS3 game what do you do? Use the analog stick to move around? Wii games work the same way.. When you go to jump you hit the jump button on the DS3 correct? Works the same way on Wii... It seems you think that every Wii game is Wii sports.

I could sit and name off success on Wii all day long. However it wouldnt get through to you.. After all its been said for years now and people still think they have a valid point when sales show them to be wrong..
It seems the one console thats proving to not be a good home for core games is PS3. LBP flopped. Resistance flopped. Heck lets just be honest. aside from MGS4/GTA4, most of PS3 games flopped last year. So if we look at software sales isnt it more likely the PS3 is the one that isnt friendly to core games? They sale on Wii (when offered and quality), they sale on 360. Sadly they do not sale on PS3. GTA4 and MGS were the only good selling games on PS3 for a whole year.

Parapraxis3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

I was saying Wii needs more "core" games. THATS TRUE.
The top sellers on the Wii are MINI-GAMES.
If you think this is wrong you're off your rocker.
I saw you recently called me a Sony fanboy.
You need to go back and read some of my comment history kiddo, because that is BS.
The Wii, 360 & PS3 are all great consoles.
All have their strengths and weaknesses.
You can't handle any critisism whatsoever can you?
Yes there are great games on the Wii, but the most profitable and played ones are not core games.

You claim to be a "voice of reason" yet when it comes to anybody voicing a different opinion than you you switch into fanboy-mode.
Stop being a hypocrite.
YOU are very pathetic.

N4g_null3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

praxis the Wii has the VC which nothing is more hardcore than that. If your talking about new Wii games I have a list or two if you need them? Hell I even have a VC list for you. I mean if you don't like traditional console games then you may want to get a PC. So far the only companies not firing people are the ones riding the Wii....

Believe what you want but it's not keeping people I know from getting fired at these hardcore developer houses.

Another thing is most of your HD games are mini games also. Few of them can be ranked with the challenge of hardcore games from the past. Seriously to use a console joypad for a FPS is the casualization of that also which is why none of you will be caught oon quake 3 or any other hardcore PC FPS because it will take way more skill to stay alive or even beat the game most of the time.

If you want to blame a system for the casual market blame the PS brand, name some thing that you would still play from the PS1 or 2 every other day? There is a reason why online is the only hope for HD gaming.... the games actually suck.... and beg to be traded.

Never have I seen so many highly rated games that I am totally fine with not playing... that in it self is a shame. What is even worst is I can get most of the good games on the PC.

Gr813554d ago

in the game of chess, that is what we call a check mate Product.

SinnedNogara3553d ago

Wait, isn't n-Space a second-party developer for Nintendo. They should publish it. And they should get SEGA to publish it because SEGA should publish it to add to their hardcore Wii games army. I wish that SEGA can pick it up because this game looks really cool.