Monster Hunter 3 Screenshots

The latest screenshots of Capcom's Wii sequel, showing off a creature that's new to the series with part 3 and the desert stage that was previously introduced in Japanese magazines.

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Gr813555d ago

I'm in before the ridiculous sour pussed fanboys who will undoubtedly say "This looks like a ps2 game" "I wish this was on the ps3". Well too bad, the game is looking awesome, and don't forget the reasons why this game went Wii in the first costs;)

Product3555d ago

to bad hd fanboys dont realize the reason why so many studios are closing is from dev costs and not making profits.Everyone who is talking isnt buying go figure.
This game looks great btw.

N4g_null3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

For some reason I think the paid fanboys on NG4 did not receive their checks so they totally missed down playing these screens.

Oyeah SONY is taking a 2.5+ billion lost. Capcom was smart and this game is a 1st day buy for me. Seriously this game is looking really good, really surprising what they are pulling off on the Wii.

I guess it goes to show you a great artist goes a long way, yet the realism thing simply hide the lack of talent with in the field of console art, which is not really the same as computer art which is basically free to do what it wants regardless of the bill.

CBaoth3555d ago

There. Since the 3 posters above me are arguing and OWNING the imaginary fanboys that have littered this thread, I'd thought I throw you 3 a bone.

All the consoles, All the games, All the fun!

N4g_null3555d ago

Thanks for the comment... seriously console gaming is being hijacked by PC gamers. Don't believe me then look up AMD vs Nvidia LOL or ID vs epic LOL.

I come here for the little bit of news I miss and a place to comment where I don't have to reg LOL.