PSX Extreme (Poland) Killzone 2 Review

- huge amount of solid shooting
- performance
- beautiful,dirty atmosphere
- plot/story
- whole universe
- multiplayer

- no co-op
- sometimes not natural scripts (again :)
- mediocre AI

PS3 finally has got his own Halo and Gears combined:)


i'm not the one who wrote the review so i do not know if the reviewer is talking about friendly AI or the enemy AI...

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Gamekings3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )


I expect 10 from PSXEXTREME


9+ is 9.5 so please change the score to 9.5


PSX EXTREME POLAND owners are known as good Xbox fans too. so 9.5 from them is like 10 with others

heyheyhey3558d ago

thats a [email protected] scoring system... almost as [email protected] as you Nasim... you deranged freak

but ho, another great score for Killzone 2... the game is going to KILLZOWN!!!!

TheMART3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Ah another East European review... Official reviews aren't up untill February. So this is or fake, or illegal conform Guerilla rules

BTW Nasim, nice new name you have with Gamekings. You thought Xboxkings was a cool name, yes?! hahaha

Don't try to upgrade and inflate review scores Nasim, thats sad.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3558d ago

Don't put me off the Game!!! ;-D


KillZone is KILLZONE!!! Thanks;)

3558d ago
Aquanox3558d ago

So far, only Playstation fansites have reviewed the game, and even though, some of them gave it 9/10, which I believe could be translated to lower scores in non-PSfansites.

Everything is possible, so far it looks like a solid FPS with great technical achievements. The part about "mediocre A.I" according to this review is what should worry the most, for a game that lays so heavily in Single Player.

HemDroid3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

You Stupid Little Prick
Your nothing but a Kebab shop worker

TheMART3558d ago

hahaahah Hemdroid that's funny hahahahaha

Nasim doesn't even own a PS3. And you know what Nasim, MART does! OW THAT MUST HURT YOU LIKE HELL...

You're just dying behind your screen now, typing angry, untill the blood drops from your fingers. Go watch this vid from my consoles, 360, Wii and PS3!

Gamekings3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

KZ2 hasnt got below 9 from any website. Check the meta score and also n4g meta too

ofcourse reviews from maxim dont matter.


GTFO here and go back to FARTBOXKINGS

a 9+ under PSXEXTREME POLAND is like 9.5. dont try to spin that a 9 is 9 from them

@FART above

anyone could get a PS3 from someone and make a video

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fafoon3558d ago

Take a look at Marts gamescore
all them games and not one completed
Talk about commin on here Day in Day out Boastin about his Xbox
And he aint even finished Gears 2
Nor any other Xbox game He's played
I Bet you Got more Trophy's

And Nasim you sure are one Sick Internet Stalkin Whacko

heyheyhey3558d ago


every preview has praised Killzone's aggressive enemy AI.. it's the friendly AI the review is referring to... an issue present in Halo too and other games


GET. A. LIFE!!!!!

Kleptic3558d ago

'lays so heavily in single player'?...uh...what?...this game has the absolute best competitive multiplayer mode of any shooter to date...

and there is a horde like the game supports and 15 other friends could fight 16 AI controlled bots in any multiplayer map or mode...thats all horde basically is...just endless waves of bots...

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Gamekings3558d ago

@mediocre AI ---the mag referred to the friendly AI not enemy. MAG said that AI of the friends are "NORMAL"

The enemy AI has been termed "aggressive"

smurfie43558d ago

Thanks for clarifying that. I thought they were talking about the ai as a whole. OPM stated the same thing about the ally ai in their review. This score is a good one nonetheless.

HighDefinition3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

...................and BOOM goes the dynamite.

chewy3173558d ago

Please update ure post to say that the mediocre ai refers to friendly (teammate) ai.

Hmm... the friendly ai isnt supposed to help you too much if not it becomes too easy, have to see for myself on 27th FEB!

UnSelf3558d ago

the Cons are practically non existent

HighDefinition3558d ago

People always complain about something. If they friendly AI was AMAZING, they would say the game is too ez.

Fact remains, Killzone 2 is full of win.

shingo3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

For the AI: IGN and OPM said the game has a killer, superb AI.

For the Co-op: doesn't really matter for me. No split screen yeah, but GG said they are working on an online Co-op patch to be released after the game.

hay3558d ago

I got the mag today. If some are interested I can post scans + some translation in the forums once I get home.

Michael Jackson3558d ago

" your team, there are real soldiers, from "flesh and blood", they often got nervous, stressed, they can even hit each other in the face..."


Ghoul3558d ago

i ignore every AI report until i played the games myself.

Reviewers tend to play those games on easy or normal and NO game offers the AI's full potential on those difficulties.

Play the game on Hard and then talk about the AI again

HardcoreGamer3558d ago

seriously? medicore AI ,,, daaamit why didnt they fix it, AI in resistance is great if its anything like that then its PERFECT FOR ME,

( anyway im glad the AI in mulitplayer online is the best Inteligence there is? hmmm wonder why) joke its BLOODY AMAZING ONLINE.

still slightly worried about AI now on the SP

resistance1003558d ago

Its friendly AI, not enemy AI. Just a poor translation. Enemy Ai from what we have heard is fantastic.

meepmoopmeep3558d ago

uhh.. what does + equate to?

jammy_703558d ago

it got 10,10,9

so y didnt they just round up and give it a 10???????

and the ps3 is male ayyy??????

Powertesties3558d ago

I don't think anyone has ever had the words, Extreme and Poland in the same sentence. Haha

Nineball21123558d ago

Link has been updated to say this:

"- mediocre AI -- EDIT: it should be "average AI", sorry for mistranslation"

I don't know if that matters to anyone, but thought I'd throw it out there.

chaosatom3558d ago

Enemy AI is Amazing as I read in another review.

cayal3558d ago

"Please update ure post to say that the mediocre ai refers to friendly (teammate) ai."

Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't read the review (trying to avoid them mostly) and saw the mediocre AI and was a little concerned.

Giriath3557d ago

but I have to ask: will every FPS in the future get a negative if it doesn't include bots? It appears that co-op suddenly became mandatory (apparently COD4 didn't need any), so I expect bots to do the same now that Killzone 2 and UT3 has had them.

To conclude: games journalism...pfft.

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shinobi3333558d ago

good review...just dont like the a.i. part.
doesnt matter instant buy for me and the a.i. i'll be the judge.

Maddens Raiders3558d ago put your money in gold. KILLZONE 2.

anubis123558d ago

boom goes DYNAMITE....... i doubt killzone will sell over 14 million copies....since halo is over 10 mil now and gears over 4 mil.....the day that happens then you can say that.....and i would leave halo out of this and say more or the have COD and maybe gears combined....this game is nothing like halo

Foxgod3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

i dont really see a link with geow either.
Halo is a vehicle based shooter, and Geow a 3rd person Cover based shooter.

Killzone will still be a good game, but it has features of its own, and nothing from Halo or GeoW

Sitdown3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

jealousy. I plan on getting the game, but I am tired of the "Halo Killer" and gears comparison. Allow Killzone to stand on its own pillar without having to get entangled with Microsoft products. When the original Halo came out...I don't remember it being claimed as the killer of just made a name for itself...the same with Gears. Again I should stop trying to make Killzone 2 the second coming of the Halo and Gears Franchise...and just let it stand out by itself. For those who follow sports, more specifically basketball....look at Kobe vs Lebron.........Lebron has the chance of being the bigger star of the two...mainly because Kobe will always be compared to Jordan and in his shadow. Lebron has presented himself as something unique...that can not necessarily be defined by past players....and this is coming from somebody who did not really follow Lebron for his first couple years in the league.

Fishy Fingers3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

"Halo is a vehicle based shooter"

Whaa? I bet less than 5% of my time on Halo was in a vehicle. I mean theres vehicles in it, but I wouldnt say it's the games defining feature.

Foxgod3558d ago

dunno how you played halo3 then, i was in a vehicle half the game.

u got owned3558d ago

@ foxgod

"dunno how you played halo3 then, i was in a vehicle half the game."

I still play Halo a lot and i barely use vehicles on the game.

On topic, great review cant wait to play K2.

CryofSilence3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Yeah, Killzone 2 doesn't suck as bad. I love games on the Xbox (both of them), but I could never stomach Halo for too long. I played all 3 and just couldn't get hooked. Fighting the skittles army and head crabs from Half-life with mediocre weapons just didn't cut it for me. Sure, vehicles were a blast, but floaty. I read the Halo novels, which made it a bit more enjoyable however.

I still think Halo shouldn't even be brought up in comparisons of these two giants. Hell, let's get rid of comparisons unless a game is a blatant rip-off of a game. Killzone 2 is not.

cayal3558d ago

"i doubt killzone will sell over 14 million copies"

lol, I doubt it'll sell 14 million too. However saying it has Halo and Gears combined, doesn't mean sales.

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