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YouNoob3559d ago

been working on the original for the xbox and Riddick - Esacape from Butcher's bay (published by VUGames) is the game i'm most proud of to have my name in the credits.

wondering tho how the multiplayer is going to work out...

Supercalifragili3559d ago

What was your functions in the first game?

YouNoob3559d ago

compliance testing and end certification. meaning many hours overtime and weekend work . working in the gaming industry isn't a funny as many ppl think it is.

Supercalifragili3559d ago

Yeah nice trailer. The first was very good but too short hope they made the second a longer game.

diefor3559d ago

This is a new, or a remake?

freeman293559d ago

I like the "dark" look of the game.