Xboxist: RACE Pro Preview writes:

"Race Pro is an upcoming automobile simluation title from Atari. This new franchise will compete with the likes of other exclusives like Project Gotham Racing and Forza Motorsport on the Xbox 360. Of course, part of creating a realistic driving simulator is making sure that all of the cars handle as realistically as they do in real life. Atari has gone to great lengths to ensure that the cars in Race Pro handle just like a day down at the track. The publisher has been generous enough to share some information about the cars that will be featured in the final version of the game, which ships on February 17, 2009."

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clinker3559d ago

I am cautiously optimistic about this being a good game. I love racing, and from what I have seen, Atari have done a competent job so far.

The graphics are a bit rough, but that can be forgiven if the handling physics and gameplay are fun.