Greenberg feels fortunate 360 is half the price of PS3, expects continued momentum in 2009

VG247: Xbox 360 product manager Aaron Greenberg has told videogaming247 that he expects 360 sales to continue their momentum in 2009 as this is the company's first full year "at mass market pricing."

He also told us that he feels fortunate Microsoft can offer Xbox 360 at half the price of PS3 and less than Nintendo Wii on a global scale.

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Sasanova3558d ago

wonder if he is fortunate to report the company losses too...i remember sega giving away free dreamcasts just to get a share on the sure u lose a couple hundred million on the arcades too, but too shy to talk about u will just smuggle it in with the "microsoft losses" and cover it up with job cuts, never having the balls to mention the 360 is the reason behind it. someone needs to write an article about this, tired of microsoft lies and persuasive talk to take advantage of the average american IQ...

woodwarrior3558d ago

Not to mention the fact that the only version that is "half the price" is the nearly useless arcade.

thewho3558d ago

Who cares what he says.

Most of you don't understand it is HIS JOB to talk up the product and to try and sell it.

morriss3558d ago

But it's everyone's job who works for MS, Sony and Nintendo to sell their products.

So I don't get your point.

Helghast Slayer3558d ago

Greenturd is at it again. This guy needs to keep quite or get shot lol joke.