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jaffa_cake3554d ago

Thats great, but will never match the point and click of a PC.
but good for all ps3 owners who waited for this game.

Vistrix3554d ago

It will never match it because thats up to the developers.

They could choose to enable support for mouse and keyboard if they wish, they could choose to add full modding support if they wish.

Most developers choose to ignore these PS3 features though.

evrfighter3554d ago

full modding support? not sure if your aware but most pc mods are made by the fans. Your asking alot if you think the fans are going to make a ps3 port of their mod.

ps2 has proved that keyboards won't work on consoles. until it's proven otherwise. pc is the platform of choice for RTS both control and graphics wise.

SL1M DADDY3554d ago

Those that wanted this game and did not have a 360 bought it for their PC's, the best possible platform for this game.

Ghoul3554d ago

the problem sstill is that they try to make a pc rts on consoles instead of reworking and coming up with a new way of controlls and camera to fit a controller.

Viper73554d ago

Consoles can do pretty much everything that pc games do in terms of games. USB enables pretty much every single controller you will ever want to plug in your system. if you like using mouse and keyboard its just matter of the game supporting it.

Mods are a bit complicated expecialy if you look at MS who is a bit over protective when it comes to this subject (they have their reasons tough)
but Unreal 3 pretty much showed that Consoles can handle mods pretty well.
too bad that its still the only game to actualy make it bossible.

It would be a new challenge for the modders too to make their mod work on Pc and then make it work on consoles. Definetly a worthy skill if your aiming to become a developer.

DaCandyman3554d ago

I disagreed with you on 1 count. The FragFX controller for the PS3 will give you the controls of the mouse. If EA considered the alternate use of the FragFX it will come close to that of the PC.
Just using that on FPS I ALMOST get the same feel as using a mouse and gaming keypads.

shovelbum3554d ago

What did you expect EA to say? I will wait and see for myself.

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Kamikaze1353554d ago

That's one multiplatform company who doesn't care about Microsoft's checks. I'm glad they admitted the truth rather than say all versions are equal like most companies do. Some games ARE equal...but most aren't in terms of audio and visual quality.

badz1493554d ago

it should! the game is coming out the latest among all and they need to justify the delay with whatever thing they have to make people buy it! the PS3 natively support mouse and keyboard, so why don't you use that instead, EA? afraid of something or just plain ignorance?

MUNKYPOO3554d ago

good job ea. finally learning how to use the cell

Sasanova3554d ago

i want to see EA take full advantage of the cell...i know they can deliver some insane sports games with the ps3...i want fifa 10 to be fueled by PSU and CPU and GPU and ESZ and OQE and SMD and FU at full power like god of war, uncharted 2 and killzone!!!! aaaaah FIFAAAAAAAA WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO

sonic19893554d ago

good job EA keep up the good work & you will earn what you deserve.

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The story is too old to be commented.