PlayStation Store update Japan – 22 january posted up the Japan PlayStation Store update of 22 January 2009. Hit the jump for the full list!

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Mavole3557d ago

Suckity suck. Like always.

Sev3557d ago

I have to admit, I love that post the Japanese and HK PS Store updates.

I am a very busy guy, and if I don't have to go check the stores myself, I can focus more time on gaming.


Powertesties3557d ago

...for thanking them. Because of you thanking them, I don't have to thank them myself. I can thank you, you thank them, it is like they are getting a big thank you from multiple people.

Does anyone want to thank me, for thanking him, for thanking them?

user39158003557d ago

Sony warns of $2.9 billion operating loss

Reuters reports that Sony has warned that it could post a massive $2.9 billion annual operating loss due to decreasing demand and a stronger yen. It also revealed fresh restructuring steps to revive its ailing electronics operations.