Images, Artworks and Trailer of Trusty Bell

It's now starting to become a habit, as soon as Famitsu Weekly gets some new images of a game you can be certain that the japanese web sites will get them and some more within a few days.

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nice_cuppa4344d ago

download the hd version.....

what was this game called in other territories ?

was it eternal sonata ?

DC RID3R4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

your right, Eternal Sonata is the a.k.a

looks pretty cool too.

eques judicii4344d ago

i've heard that they are trying to do a world wide release... it was just dated for japan but namco (is it namco?) is trying to have the localized versions ready for release as well.

I really like the art direction in this game... and I'm happy that some games still have tons of color in them.

Lex Luthor4344d ago

Cell shaded graphics have come a very long way since jet set radio.
This game looks great.