Sega ships Sonic and the Secret Rings for Wii

SEGA today announced that Sonic and the Secret Rings hits the streets on 2nd March in Europe (20th Feb in the US) for the popular Nintendo Wii system. Built specifically to take full advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote, Sonic and the Secret Rings delivers one of the most intuitive and engaging Sonic adventures to date.

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PureGamer4257d ago

please be a good sonic game this could end up persuading me to keep my Wii :) please

anthonsh4256d ago

I went through hell to get it...

Im not disappointed at all.

Best Sonic in a long time.

The levels are very well designed, nice variety. Effective use of "laps" and "branching" with amazing speed (the game starts slow, so play it for longer than 5 min... Kinda like Spider Man 2.) It definately isnt easy, but how hard is subjective...

The music is good. Cheesy, but its effective.

The remote works, what can I say. It gets better as you "level up".

What else is there? Oh right, party games. Played it with some friends yesterday. It was fun, although my arms hurt from the damn cogwheel race. There are a few that you wont like, a few that are absolutely amazing. I dont completely understand why some games work so well, and others that are similar dont work at all, but considering how fast paced everything is (1 min/game usually) it doesnt really matter. Definately adds value to the game.