Nintendo denies Cube axing

Nintendo UK has confirmed to Eurogamer this morning that it hasn't stopped production of GameCube hardware and software, and that globally it still supports the console.

"I can confirm that globally, Nintendo is still continuing production of GameCube hardware and GameCube software," a spokesperson for Nintendo UK told

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Ravenator5294440d ago

No more than 10 quality titles in about 6 years! Oh, and at least 6 or 7 of them were Nintendo exclusives.

Its a good thing that the Wii isn't starting to follow the same suit! (sarcasm)

PS360WII4440d ago

Not sure what your on but I have 50 some odd games for the GC, 40+ for xbox and some 30 close to 40 games for ps2. GC had plenty of awesome games for it.

Ravenator5294440d ago


Look, all I am saying is that if you take away the first party titles for the Gamecube, there really isn't much left. Obviously you are a big Nintendo fan but I promise you that people who own more Gamecube games than PS2 or Xbox games are few and far between.

All in all, I am just busting balls here. I had a Gamecube and I have a Wii. So I do support Nintendo. But there are things that I want which we don't have yet.

Merovee4440d ago

I'm very pleased to see that both Nintendo and Sony have enough customer appreciation and pride of product to not simply drop any current fanbase just to force a move to their newer systems. I'm glad Microsoft's actions to the contrary won't be starting a precedence in the industry to abandon your customers.