Neocrisis: Final Fantasy X Retro-Review

Neocrisis writes: "Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment in the Final Fantasy main series, and it's also the first Final Fantasy to appear on the PlayStation 2. There were a lot of expectations for this game due to the previous highly acclaimed installments of Final Fantasy, and it was also one of the first major RPGs to appear on the PS2. After all the hype and information for this game, the game was finally out and yes, expectations were met."

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Bonsai12143555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

haha, that just made my night cause someone with your username said it. :-)

its was a good time... cause when you started up the disk, it said squaresoft..

i'm replaying it at a slow pace while i'm at home. i'm at the chocobo eater right now. on my old save before it got erased (DAMN YOU holiday 2002 disk..) i had a 100+ hour game with everything done except beating that mixed monster with like 10000000000 hp.

CryofSilence3555d ago

Well deserved review and well deserved praise from Wakka. :)

AAACE53555d ago

FFX was the first FF game and JRPG that I loved! I wish they would do a remake of this one.

In a time like this when there aren't a whole lot of great RPG's out there, it would give gamers who didn't experience it a great title and show them what a FF game is about.

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TrevorPhillips3555d ago

9.4 not bad at all i kinda like final fantasy

n4gzz3555d ago

one of the memorable game I have played :)

Reshun3555d ago

And it kind of went downhill from here

SaiyanFury3555d ago

I cannot disagree. I love the FF series but the games on PS2 left something to be desired. Other than FF12 I didn't like the games on PS2. The horrible Blitzball game is one example. In all my playthroughs I only won one game of it; the championship game vs the Luca Goers. I never did understand how I won it. People might disagree with me, but I didn't think that FFX was all that great.

gtafan3555d ago

This is one of my most favorite games of all time. It was an experience I will never forget.

Esena3555d ago

Agreed...This 7 and FFs

Danja3555d ago

I gotta give you a bubble..for stating that FF9 for being one of the best FF games....really underrated game

alot of ppl here on N4G give me dis-agrees whenever I mention preferring FF9 over's a better game IMO..

But FFX remains one of my fave RPG's ever...damn I miss Squaresoft..

-GametimeUK-3555d ago

Hey Danja the thing about FF games is they are all so good any of them can be your fave... They are all familiar but yet the differences in the way you manage your characters abilities (sphere grid, materia, jobs etc) can ultimatly define your fave... Not to mention characers and story...

Yeah out of all the Final Fantasy games I have played I cant see how someone can be wrong for choosing whatever fave they choose... The games are THAT good...

My fave is 7 but sometimes I play 10 and think I like it more than 7... Tough choices :-)

Danja3555d ago

exactly my point a dis-agree for stating I prefer FF9 over ff7...

it's way better in every way.."IMO"

-GametimeUK-3555d ago

lol it was me... simply because I do not agree... Its not an attack on you personally I just disagree that FF9 is better than 7... I still respect the opinion despite disagreeing with it :-S

have a bubble instead

but yeah 9 was great... The card mini game is as addictive as crack!

Danja3555d ago

well thats ur opinion..

but to me FF9 just felt more like...FF6 which to be honest FF6 is the best FF game ever till this day....but alot of ppl didnt play it compared to FF7 so it's easily forgotten

as I was saying though FF9 felt like they took the best of the old and mixed it with the best of the new....which is why I consider my fave

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