GT Countdown: Most Anticipated Games of 2009

Take a look at the top 10 most anticipated games of 2009 from Gametrailers.com

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jaybdemented5661d ago

no kz2 but still a sweet list. I want them all.

Serjikal_Strike5661d ago

Has to be #1 on almost every ps3 owners list...but I dont see it coming out in 09!

Danja5661d ago (Edited 5661d ago )

I just dont see GOW3 coming out this year...Feb/March 2010 seems logical...but it's my most anticipated PS3 , then comes FF13 Versus.

Mad World is another game im def looking forward to looks sick and hopefully it sells well so we can get more Hardcore games on the Wii

Bayoneta is looking sick.....did ne see the size of that boss crushing the pillars...

YonasJonas5660d ago (Edited 5660d ago )

I'm anticipating KZ2 way more than a button masher. Not to mention RE5, and Uncharted 2.

masterg5660d ago

So wait.. Because GT has played the game a lot, the game can not make the most anticipated games of the year list. WTF.. That makes no sense. The should make the list for us gamers. Not for what games they have yet to get a playable version of.

Missing from the list was:
Mafia 2
Killzone 2
Alan Wake

andyo135660d ago

wth man? they're just making some lame excuse so they don't have to admit that killzone 2 is gr8. I think we all know just how low they're guna review killzone 2 now. always someone who has to be jeolous of ps3.

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swiftshot935661d ago

killzone 2, SFIV, call of duty:modern warfare 2, bioshock 2:sea of dreams, RE5, GOW3, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank Future 2, and Uncharted 2 all in one year? And after all that polyphony said their target year for GT5 is 2009.
Im calling it now: even with out >>>TEAM ICO<<< this will be one of, if not the, best year of gaming.

RebornSpy5661d ago

that every year is the best year of gaming. I remember I said that 2007 couldn't be beat, than that 2008 couldn't be beat. It just keeps getting better and better. : )

andyo135660d ago

but then again maybe thats because 360 had no decent exclusives come out that year so of course to them nothing on ps3 is allowed to be good

C_SoL5661d ago

That Bayoneta chick looks hot. :)

Sheddi5660d ago

She does but the game doesnt...imo.
Theres something about the game i dont like.
Well, i guess i have to play it before i can judge :P

Obama5661d ago

There are ps3 exclusives, wii exclusive, but no...

masterg5660d ago

Yet, 360 owners will again claim that 2009 is the year of the 360. Just like they said 2008 was.

Ps. I have both systems. My only 360 game last year was Gears 2.

Helghast Slayer5661d ago

The ps3 exclusives are killing it hard. The hardest thing is how one will be able to choose which gets the GOTY award. In my honest opinion they all deserve that award. I mean just look at that list, it's f#cking second to none man damn.

RebornSpy5661d ago

before we give one of them the GotY award. It's way too early to tell.

I'm not saying that any of the games will be bad, just that there's always the possibility. Let's just say we'll enjoy playing all of these games.