GamesRadar: Skate 2 Review

GamesRadar writes: "With its laidback vibe, slower pace and intuitive controls, Skate felt like liberation from the Tony Hawk series' arcade intensity, million point combos and complex button mashing. So the worrying news – initially, at least – is that Skate 2 feels vaguely bewildering and oppressive. Odder yet, several beguiling, varied and challenging hours later, EA's sequel reveals itself as a multi-layered labor of love and unquestionably the best skating game ever."

You'll love

* Incredible controls
* Huge location and challenge variety
* Near-complete trick set

You'll hate

* Fiddly walking
* World can feel disconnected
* Doesn't feel as fresh the second time

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Tony999Montana3651d ago

Can people please stop giving credit to gamesradar for PSM3 reviews. It wasnt written by gamesradar at all, maybe you should check before posting a review.