GameSpy: Battlestations: Pacific Preview

GameSpy writes: "When gazing out across the sprawling ocean of World War II-themed games, the seas appear to be pretty calm, with a fairly homogenous blend of first-person shooters and the rare eddy of a flight simulator or two. Games involving naval battles are something of a novelty, yet this was a major part of warfare back in the day. So it's somewhat surprising that only Battlestations: Pacific takes pains to preserve the legacy of virtual ship-to-ship combat while offering some imaginative "what if" scenarios. During a recent event held by Eidos and Warner Bros. on the USS Hornet aircraft carrier in Alameda, California, we finally got to try out this unique combination of strategy, flight and naval war simulations."

+Great variation in gameplay
+Intuitive and information-rich HUD
+Hotswapping between units keeps action going

-A scant few game-stopping bugs are infrequent but terminal
-Very similar to previous version, maybe too similar?

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