MyDS - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Preview

MyDS writes:
The Nintendo DS is a fantastic handheld gaming device. There's absolutely no doubting that. It's been able to reinvent on-the-go gaming with its innovative design and fantastic library of games that take advantage of its button layout and touch-screen. After a few months of growing pains after its launch, there is rarely a DS game released that isn't worth at least a rent. However, it still lacks that one title that pushes it over the line of greatness. That one title that will grab otherwise disinterested gamers and generate a level of attention not seen for a handheld since the days of the original GameBoy. That one title that will make the DS stand up in the crowd and say, "Look at what I can do!" That title looks set to be Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

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Luke41233555d ago

Nice work MyDS on this wonderful article!

gdmatt3555d ago

This is quite simply brilliant. Fantastic preview MyDS.

Gaidrius3555d ago

"... there is rarely a DS game released that isn't worth at least a rent"?

Are you kidding me? That handheld has the biggest library of shovelware known to any console. And that is NOT an opinion.

PS360WII3555d ago

Seriously man.

While you look at the shovelware you are missing the aspect of it having the biggest library of must own games as well. Why do you think it sells so well? It's because it has a healthy library of amazing games, sweet games, pretty good games, decent games, bad games, horrid games, and shovelware, but mostly it has amazing games.

On topic, it sounds like this GTA is the real deal :)