Jaffe holds focus group, reveals title of new game?

Jaffe also said they were running a few nights of focus groups for the new title, one just about the concepts of the game, and the other actually showing the title off. Jaffe may have also accidentally slipped up and revealed the title of his game. During his video blog, he shows a sheet of paper with questions for the focus group. Some people are saying with an image processing program you can read the title off the top of the page and it says Twisted Metal. We've included the image below:

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Deathmammoth3558d ago

I paused it on Youtube and even though it is very fuzzy you can kinda read Twisted Metal. If this is true then you really messed this one up Jaffe. I hope you don't get in trouble for this Jaffe, I bet you this was going to be revealed at E3 this year.

jwatt3558d ago

I can't see anything but I really hope it's Twisted metal. Imagine it on the ps3 with all that processing power it's going to be missiles everywhere.

Panthers3558d ago

Dont see how he could get in trouble. He is part owner, unless the other owner gets pissed off.

PixlSheX3558d ago

It says twisted metal.
Pause, Full screen, and see. There's a T in the Top and a M in the second word.

cryymoar3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

is what i tried doing.

I tried putting "Twisted Metal" in text next to it, then blurring it to see if they both have similar shape after quality loss, and they both look very similar, in height, length, and especially the "T" and the "M" and the "l".

Serjikal_Strike3558d ago

now i can see it ..and it does look like twisted metal to me

CryofSilence3558d ago

Hmm, maybe I should sneak into his studio. He's only 45 minutes away from me after all.

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Relcom3558d ago

this fan site, most are just terrible but this is some good reporting. Congratulations PS3center you just unveiled Twisted Metal.

High Five!

Sev3558d ago

Yes they may have.

Or they just came up with a damn good speculation article.

Either way good job Ps3center...

TheUsedVersion3558d ago

Hey guys this game was unveiled back in February when someone broke the secret code. I'm not sure why this is news to everyone. Or am I missing something?

resistance1003558d ago

Jaffe confirmed that they were working on Twisted Metal for Ps3 last year. They left a clue on the Ps2<-- PSP port which came out last year and someone on a forum found it.

supahbad3558d ago

yeah he might have even done this on purpose cause i dont think he likes keeping secrets

Snow3558d ago

There was also a video on youtube of David himself admitting twisted metal for PS3.

I've been looking for it,but i guess he took it down.
He didn't directly admit it..but he was responding to a "fan" letter of some guy saying twisted metal on PS2 sucks blah,blah,blah..

Then jaffe said to the fan...Well,are next project is JUST to make you happy
/giant smile + sarcastic tone

lol soo.. I me that kinda means Twisted metal for PS3 is pretty much guaranteed.

shadowfox3558d ago

The power of suggestion... though I have to admit, it does kinda look like that.

rucky3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

lol oh Jaffe you kill me. Power of the interwebs strike again.

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The story is too old to be commented.