New Forza 2 details revealed

Dan Greenawalt, lead designer on Xbox 360 racer Forza Motorsport, has revealed all sorts of interesting info about the game - including the fact that it'll feature a Project Gotham Racing-style TV mode.

It's all thanks to a new partnership between Forza developer Turn 10 and Bizarre, the studio behind the PGR series. Speaking in an interview with XboxWorld, Greenawalt said: "We are constantly redefining what it means to be an online racing game. However, we are also sharing technology. This means we are able to leverage the power of both teams."

With Forza Motorsport TV, "You won't just be watching a bunch of Ferraris racing together - you'll be watching completely customised Ferraris racing in a simulation environment... Paint schemes and physics mastery add to the excitement and diversity of the telecasts."

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Gamer136189d ago

Forza 2 will be the best racer untill Forza 3 comes out, but i will still get GT5 because i need to make a pitstop and change my tyres.

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ACE6188d ago

eat ur hart out ps3 lol!!

The Real Deal6188d ago

I loved Forza for the xbox. I know this game will go down in history as the greatest racing sim ever created. The gameplay is flawless and the graphics are outstanding. I'm excited about this game. And its soooo realistic with the racing wheel.

USMChardcharger6188d ago

i love the fact that tech sharing is going on between companies. maybe this will start to happen more often.
this game will be great.

i don't know what #3 said, but i agree with his name...ban ssj for good.

JPomper6188d ago

This is really good news. The photo mode for PGR3 was awesome and I'm hoping they'll give us more camera options for LiveTV.

I want Forza 2 so bad.

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