In Case it Wasn't Obvious, Nintendo and Sony Have Switched Places

From Gamepro:

"If the Wii keeps selling the way it is right now, it won't just outsell the PS2 before this hardware cycle is done and over with-- it'll be the best-selling console of all time. The PS3, meanwhile, is... uh... here"

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Spike473558d ago

in order to reap a bigger profit. When a company does what Sony did with the PS2 give me a call, although I think I'll be dead by then.

Rikitatsu3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

That the Wii Doesn't have a library as good as the PS3's(Let alone PS2), and i don't think it will

pswi603558d ago

Sales? Yes

Quality? bwwahahahaha

thebudgetgamer3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

while bringing in the casuals to the fold.
wii= casuals
360= hardcore
ps3= all of the above
edit:the big test will be if the wii can sell like it is for 7 or 8 more years like the ps2 is

C_SoL3557d ago

Spike, well said.

Have some bubz.

sajj3163557d ago

beautiful comment Spike!

TheFreak3557d ago

You can say it in another way, that it was the core gamer who turned their backs on nintendo. It started to happen back in the day when the ps1 arrived on the marked. After loosing more and more of the gaming audience with N64 and gamcube they had to think out of the box and capture a different audience. Thats when the wii arrived. So maybe we can say that it is the core gamer that is to "blame" for the arrival of the wii? But hey I dont mind I like the wii :) Thanks

JhawkFootball063557d ago

Ive always liked my original xbox over the ps2. I remember all those days when I was young playing Mech Assault. Ahhh good times. Would never of had that if I bought a PS2.

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ChickeyCantor3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

LOL @ comments.

PS2 sold 120m + due the casual crowd.
The only reason everything seems so bitter with the Wii is because Third party developers shat on the Wii with all their shovelware trash.

It's as if people expect Nintendo to deliver everything.
They basically gave third party developers time to create something good without Nintendo being in their way as they always claimed( developers aways cried they had no chance against Nintendo on their console).

The spotlight just moved a spot and you guys pretend its doomsday.

@the freek
The funny part is all these people claim It's Nintendo, but the amount of people crying is far beyond the point of GCN units sold.
IT doesn't add up. And if hardcore gamers really really cared about Nintendo they would have gotten a Nintendo console in the last 2 generation.

And because of that there was hardly any Developer support. Now Nintendo is gaining developers support you clearly see the quality of games is growing too.
(And guess why? yesh because it has a bigger audience, bigger audience = more developers = more variety of games, just like the PS2 lived its life)

Mini Mario3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

"Except Sony never turned their back on the core gamers
in order to reap a bigger profit. When a company does what Sony did with the PS2 give me a call, although I think I'll be dead by then."

Its funny how ppl always refer to the ps2 has the best console ever made. Believe me there are much better examples than the ps2.

I say the same thing on here all the time and lose bubbles over it. Its's funny how ppl forget that the 120 million was due to "casuals". I mean if it wasnt because of casuals wouldnt that mean the same amount of ppl would be buying the ps3 now ..which it isnt lol

Like ive said many times b4, its casual gamers that buy singstar, buzz, eye toy, Dance Dance Revo that bought the ps2 (the bulk i mean..obvioustly not all). Even guitar hero is played by many "casuals" (i really hate these terms). I mean FPS's arent the only games ppl like to buy. Just ask mario kart.

Dont u guys think its strange that the ps3 have gone more "hardcore" and got less sales>? Surely u see that.

ChickeyCantor3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Have a bubble =P.

I wouldn't say Sony went more "hardcore".
The problem is their lame promotion/marketing.

Nintendo went into the crowd, showed these "casual" peeps what The wii was all about. Their commercials aren't "hinting" that the wii is a game console, it basically throws that in the consumers faces....i mean a kid and his dad playing super Mario galaxy. Simple and people get that.

It's always been a fact, if there is a bigger audience, developers will go there.
"Core" gamers were never the backbone of the gaming industry(on top of that most of them play pirated games), Casual gamers feed our industry with sh/tloads of millions.

Without Nintendo Christmas would have been a mess XD

SL1M DADDY3557d ago

Journalism has hit an all time low and no longer reports on fact but rather fanboy dribble, further fueling the stupid flames of the console war.

TheTwelve3557d ago

If Sony and Nintendo have switched places, why don't I want a Wii...AT ALL???


razorbladelight3557d ago

@Mini Mario
don't waste your breath, Sony fans will never get it through their heads that there are more games out there outside of oversized marines holding guns and killing aliens.

I say that all the time, and I have noticed it's on this site. granted, i don't go to many other gaming sites, but I will admit that if i want to read comments from hardcore fanboys and badly written articles this is definitely the site. i have saying that same comment about the journalistic value from the article this site approves for months, but if people keep responding to them then n4g will just keep on approving.

SaiyanFury3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

@ 1.8

Core gamers were never the backbone of the industry? You think that casual gamers are the ones who buy tonnes of games to support a system? Casual gamers are the ones strolling around their local department store who occasionally cruise to the game section to see if there's anything that might appeal to them. They don't follow release dates. They don't follow the industry. A 'core' gamer follows their favourite games and anticipates when they come out. There are millions of core gamers out there that wait to buy multiple games at one single time. It's the core gamers that often buy 2-3 games per month rather than a casual gamer who might buy 2-3 games every six months, that drive a game system. The Wii has a larger install base, this is true but that's because people associate it more as something to play with, more akin to a toy than a games console. The 360 and PS3 are in a completely different demographic than the Wii and no one can really effectively argue against that. The Wii isn't a bad system, but it targets people that traditionally don't play games. It has it's own core following of those who treasure Nintendo properties, but beyond that it's just the average person looking to play around. The PS3 and 360, on the other hand cater to the rest of us who matured with the industry. I consider myself a 'core' gamer and I've moved along with every new generation of consoles.

NES/Master System>SNES/Genesis>Play Station1>PlayStation 2/GameCube>PlayStation 3/Xbox 360.

I've moved along as game consoles have advanced. It's those gamers who grew up with the industry that support a system and buy games all the time. Not the casual gamer who wanders by the game section every so often and picks up a copy of something that appeals to their aesthetic tastes for a sale.

AWBrawler3557d ago

Some of the same people who grew up with Nintendo and Master system are casuals now cause they have families and jobs, and gaming has took a back seat. And for every core gamer who buys 2-3 games a month there are casuals who buy like 2 a week. they'll pick up something random like Dokapon kingdom and Heavenly Guardian, cause its $15 and it was an impulse buy. money for the industry. I have plenty of "Casual" as you call them relatives, who bought their kids a PS2 last gen and would pick up random movie games that were cheap, like 3 every pay period. thats like 6 or more in one month as opposed to your 2-4 a month. True some casuals buy few games, but there are obviously more who are impulse buyers. Whats sold more this gen and last gens? Casual or hardcore games?.........waiting for an answer.

Consider your bubble burst!

ChickeyCantor3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

" Core gamers were never the backbone of the industry? You think that casual gamers are the ones who buy tonnes of games to support a system? "

You think the industry would be this strong if there were no casual gamers? It would have collapsed ages ago. And yo know it.
You do realise that those crap games for kids sell extremely well?
( im talking about their favo tv cartoon series or movies like Brawler mentioned)
Come on you should know better, I mean if "core" gamers were really the backbone of this industry PS3 and 360 would be around their 100 million mark.
Funny isn't it? I mean it's the core crowd who doesn't give much about "price". And as far as we can tell, it's obvious that "core" gamers are not the backbone of this industry(ps3? 360?).
Yes yes yes, Core games sell well, simply because there is an audience for them, but by no means are "core" gamers the majority of this industry.

SaiyanFury3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Fair enough guys, I do see and acknowledge your points, but I still will not agree that it's casuals who matter alone. In my own opinion, it's the Mario games, the Zelda games, the Final Fantasies, the Crash Bandicoots, the Metal Gear Solids that really contribute to the industry. Of course there's casual gamers who were previously core gamers who have more non-gaming-centric aspects of their lives and yes you're right that there are many who are impulse buyers who buy 2 or so games a week, a decidedly expensive practise if they buy everything new. Yes shovelware does well simply based on name recognition, but ultimately it's the core games that drive the industry forward. You can't tell me that Zelda on the Wii doesn't matter. You can't tell me that Uncharted or MGS4 don't matter. You can't tell me that HALO on the Xbox brand doesn't matter. I'm not talking sales, I'm talking relevance to the industry itself. Speaking purely from a sales standpoint, yes casuals are a powerful economic force. But, speaking from an industry momentum standpoint, it's the cores that matter. Those gamers are the ones who drive developers to innovate and come up with new properties. And despite what some might try to claim, price is a factor. In these troubling economic times it might be harder for some people to cough up 400 dollars for a PS3 versus 120 for a new PS2. Lord knows that 250 for a Wii is a much smaller pill to swallow. In my opinion, both are relevant to the industry, casuals from an economic standpoint, cores for everything else. And I know you're going to try and rip apart what I've said here, but ultimately I believe what I do and you believe yours. Everyone's entitled to an opinion and who knows, maybe we're all right or maybe we're all wrong. Have a good one.

AWBrawler3557d ago

casuals and us harcores are equally important to the industry. casuals cause they pay our favorite companies, and Hardcores, cause as you said we help the industry evolve. Though if we all died out... the casuals could still hold it by themselves, but lets hope that never happens.

KnowitAll3557d ago

Excluding pc and only consoles. Pc has casuals as well really hardcore casuals (Example try playing Pac-man non stop for days to reach the top score people who do this at can't even play halo)

Back to point Casuals buy the most games.

Tetris 33 million on game boy (Even played by my old skanky English teachers)
Pokémon (180+ sold franchise)
Fifa/Evolution Soccer
Any other sport game (Golf, NBA, Wrestling, hockey, etc...)
Any Disney game (Aladdin, Lion king, etc... some are in the millions)
Any cartoon based game (Yes teenage mutant ninja turtles, yet by the name children buy this the most. The arcade was sick but it was dam to easy and short as well had cute graphics etc...)
Grand Theft Auto especially 3 (This is so casual. People just bought it to shoot people, steal and roam around. Also everyone had to had it was hyped)
Brain Age
Nintendo Dogs
I even bet some racing games such as need for speed or Gran Turismo early on where based on casuals (To fast to furious wannabes). (I guarantee Gran Turismo won’t sell like it did on the ps2. A few million but not the impressive 10+mill)
Guitar Hero/ Rock Band
Dance Dance Revolution
Wii Fit. Wii everything
List goes on.

Of the top 10 best selling game franchise (Hint Go search for them) Final fantasy at 88mil+ is the only one that seems hardcore on the fact that it’s an RPG.

Chances are they you are a casual gamer as well. Or your a little older and wiser and have come to your senses and realized this is stupid and your just a gamer. Period.

Mini Mario3556d ago

"yes casuals are a powerful economic force. But, speaking from an industry momentum standpoint, it's the cores that matter"

If they werent making money in the first place from casuals there would be no momentum

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DELTABOY043558d ago

nintendo sold their soul for that market...its no longer a game console its the new tickle me elmo...

UltimateIdiot9113558d ago

Couldn't agree more. I know there are still some hardcore games but overall, they already sold their soul.

DG3557d ago

Ughm can I sell my soul in the video game aspect of things for a money printing machine....where do I sign!?

boxedup3557d ago

What is it you think Nintendo is doing differently than they ever have before?

The kind of games that are coming out for the Wii are the same kind of games Nintendo has always made. The Wii is essentially a console version of the DS - mostly family friendly titles with an innovative control system. It may not be what "hardcore" gamers want it to be, but it's completely true to the philosophy Nintendo has always had.

ppisatosspot3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Gamecube 20Mil lifetime sold
PS3 20mil Sold in 2 years

Try harder Game'pro'

I noticed the usual suspects approved this "article" TheMART at Xboxkings comes to mind.

Smacktard3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Gamecube sales: 21.74 million
PS3 sales (as of this date): 16.84 million

Source: Wikipedia (a reliable source, unlike vgchartz)

edit: Gamecube = PS3 is pretty accurate, and Wii = PS2 is pretty accurate. The only flaw with the latter is that PS2 had the developers right off the bat. Wii is finally going to be getting a ton of 3rd party dev support in 2009.

Liquid Snake3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )


Quote: Source: Wikipedia (a reliable source, unlike vgchartz)

Just Wow! That has to be the stupidest comment i have heard all day.

You do realise those figures are from September 30 or earlier right?

Smacktard tell me when was the Corporate website last updated?

Aaron Cheeseburger has stated the Xbox 360 has beat the PS3 by 8 million units, they have sold 28 million units. That leaves the PS3 at 20 million at least.

Johnny Rotten3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )


edit: my bad, wrong post :(

hydro-lx3558d ago

but wii isn't a console? its a motion simulator with video games! wii will never be a console!

ChickeyCantor3557d ago

By that ps3 is a physic and shader simulator with video games.
It will never be a....seriously do you even know the meaning of "console", cause you kinda sound like you don't.