Finger Gaming Review: Newtonica2

Finger Gaming:

"Straight up - I've never played the original Newtonica. If you're already familiar with the fact that Newtonica2 is a completely different game, then my bothering to tell you this is almost certainly maddening, but shut up for a minute and let me meander to the point I'm trying to make.

The point is that the original Newtonica - a $4.99 app, compared to the bargainous $0.99 its sequel costs - divided opinions like crazy. Our reviewer at the time - Matt Burris - gave it 4 stars, while other reviewers like Wired's Earnest Cavalli considered it "not enough of a game" (and others, such as friend of Fingergaming Brandon Boyer, have championed the title with gusto.) Anyway, for some unexplainable reason when deciding to make a sequel developers Kenji Eno (D2) and Kenishi Nishi (Chibi-Robo) decided to go in a completely different direction and release a 36 level puzzle game."

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