Canadians: Get $10 Off Some Accessories

360Sync writes: "I just recieved a nice email from Microsoft Canada (as should all the Canadian Xbox Live members that are signed up for the Newsletter). The email stated that we could "Grab great accessories, for less." Opening up the email, it revealed that there were 3 different accessories that you could save $10 on at participating retailers. The Wireless Headsets, 60GB LIVE Starter Kit, and the Wireless Network Adapter are all being discounted from the 23rd of January to the 30th! Maybe I'll go pick up a Halo 3 headset for myself, if it's still available. The eligible retailers, as outlined in the email are: Best Buy, Walmart, Future Shop, ToysRus and EB Games (yes, it's still called EB Games here in the Great White North). Unfortunately, after checking all the retailer's websites, none of them are showing the promotion yet, then again, this sale isn't on until this Friday.

If you did not get this email, I would suggest you subscribe to the newsletter. Most of the time, it's information we know, or is readily available to the public, but sometimes, it contains a neat offer.

Take a peek below at the email I received. Or you can take a look at it on the web."

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