GamesRadar: Sin and Punishment 2 Preview

A scrolling-shooter unlike any other, the game plays out with your character existing in the foreground, blasting into the background at hives of alien scum. Pluralizing the enemy is important: Sin and Punishment 2 deals in quality and quantity.

Developers Treasure (the chaps behind legendary shoot-'em-ups such as Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and Bangai-O) hinted at interest in the Wii remote a good six months before the autumn 2008 announcement of this sequel, so expect a fully implemented pointer-aiming system.

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Product3556d ago

the original was a very creative and ahead of its time concept.......people who havent played the n64 version...get it.My only problem is that i really hope it gets the marketing it needs to push such a great game that no on has heard of.
Punchout will sell because of name recognition but this game will need a push for people to even see it.

SinnedNogara3554d ago

I hope that this game has some sort of online mode. This game looks awesome.