Top 10 Street Fighter Characters

The greatest fighters in the greatest fighting series of all time listed here.

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MountainMaverick3559d ago

Solid Ranking. Predictable, but solid.

MountainMaverick3559d ago

Solid Ranking. Dhalism shouldnt be on there though..he was slow.

Stoneroses63003559d ago

Agreed. Ryu is a predictable #1. Great character though.

specialguest3558d ago

Dhalsim is one of the best characters if you know how to use him. There was a SF2 tournament way back in the 90s and the winner was actually a Dhalsim player.

Skerj3558d ago

HAH, Sim is top tier man you just don't know how to play him.

Sitdown3558d ago

perhaps you lack the skill to utilize Dhalism. Just the though of those who have master him, make me realize the incredible balance and variation in the Street Fighter Universe. With that said, Ken has always been my number one pick..........except for Marvel vs Capcom 2...then its Akuma, Ice-man...and some random third character.

Rusted3558d ago

Dhalsim can be a pain in the freaking a$$...

Ken, all the way. His kicks in SSF2 are incredible you can make sweet technical hits.

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triciad19753558d ago

I ruled with Chun Li!
Her legs were fast and powerful!

Samus20803559d ago

Ha. Dhalism? Hardly. He should be on a top 10 worst

DDP3559d ago

Are you kidding me? Who else could disappear in the Street Fighter series?

MountainMaverick3559d ago

No way. If you mastered him, he was one of the best in the game

DDP3559d ago

Dhalism should have been higher

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The story is too old to be commented.