Marvelous unveils new RPG: Yuusha 30 for PSP

QJnet: "When I heard about Yuusha 30, I thought this game was going to have giant combining robots. It turns out that that's not the case, as the scan below shows, but this hybrid title certainly looks interesting enough."

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TheColbertinator3648d ago

Great.I'm glad Marvelous is supporting the PSP.

lelo3648d ago

Another RPG for the PSP... How many RPG are there for the PSP this year... 50 ....

Baka-akaB3648d ago

Well ps2 is "dying" after a few jrpg hits most likely . PS3 isnt yet the prized choice as most editors expect signs from White knight chronicles and Final fantasy XIII's health and impact to make the move .
360 being a so far mixed bag in the area , yet with potential in the west .

And the psp in this era of portable love , with a market for ps2 level jrpgs or even simple ports . It's cheap even if not as much as the ds , and potentially a great niche , especially after FF showed the way .

Foxgod3648d ago

This looks pretty fun, hope itl be translated.

Homicide3648d ago

Marvelous is a great RPG developer. I'll keep my eye on this one.

-GametimeUK-3648d ago

omg I am interested :-)
I am glad I got a PSP for christmas

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